Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dye Dye Dye my Darling

I have been living in Lawrence KS since Aug 2010. but it want until 2011 that I started school at the University of Kansas. After finishing a BFA in Photography/ Digital media and opening the Copper Palate Press with fellow print students, Cameron Bentley & John Andrews during our senior year and co-running the Felt Space on Main Street with Travis Nikolai. I hopped in a uhaul i called a tornado and came to the midwest. I spent a week in Salina, doing performance art with Ernesto Pujol, Carla Duarte, Kate and Paul Lindholm, and other kansas based artists. In the last semester of school i have been experimenting with hand dyeing, and also with printing yardage, which is a different process for me. i am used to doing mulitples in N number amounts but not in the x & y directions.

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