Thursday, July 07, 2011

Biking the Midwest

Since I moved to Lawrence KS I have biked to many of the other cities surrounding this college town.
usually I like to use an app on my phone called Cyclemeter but it isnt really meant for long rides because it drains my battery faster than just listening to music does.

Sept 2
i biked to Olathe, just so i could get to a Wells Fargo bank, there isnt one in my town and i didnt have a bank account in town yet. also i really needed the money in that account.
32.5 miles in 2.5 hrs. I was riding a Fixed Peugeot down mostly dirt paths. it was fucking intense. at one point i got going 36 mph. legs spinning out of control. matt picked me up because i my bike was falling apart 5 miles into the ride home.

mostly farm land

Sept 12

ten days later i decided to KCMO to hang out with some friends. 36 miles in 3.5 hrs. i got a pinch flat so it took a lot longer than i had hoped. i also missed a road so i had to get picked up way off course. we had a good time in KCMO and they brought me home the next day.

i didnt go in to Volker but it made me think of Lucy.

as fall and winter approached i didnt ride too far out side of the city, there is a great single track on the north side of the river, and there is a lot of exploring i have done via bike just so i could get to know the place a bit better.

spring has been great i have been riding a lot but never too far because of the possibility of a major storm / all the tornado warnings kept me from going to far. and the rain is insane sometimes.

but now that the summer is here i have been out, getting buff getting tan, my legs could probably kick down a reinforced wall right now, or strangle the Anaconda from Anaconda. earlier this week i woke up and felt the need to get vertical! I need to Boulder or have some kind of raise in elevation. So i set out on a bike trip, not preparing too well. but, it was nice so i didnt care.

July 5th

the path ended but later came back

after an hour of riding i checked the map and i was close to Topeka, so i kept riding. called my buddy James, and we hung out and talked for about 2 hrs and then i rode home. this was the longest ride i have done yet, but it has inspired me to do more long rides and maybe next year ride in the Tour of Lawrence. my buddy adam came to pick me up not to far out of town because there was a storm developing. he shaved off my last hour of riding and we beat the storm.

I mapped it out later that night, I rode 50 miles. it took about 2 hrs to get to topeka. which isnt bad at all. so i will probably do it again.

next week i am going back to Utah for 5 weeks. I cant wait to be back in my native biking community, I am stoked for Alley cats and Sprints. hope everyone at SaltCycle has big biking plans for the next 6 weeks.