Monday, February 21, 2011

Seaching: My Life & Future

Since I graduated in May 2010 I have had one question on my mind "What Should I Do With My Life?". This was a strange point in my life I had just finished 18 years of education, start to finish, summers off for the first 13 years, I am now a well educated college graduate with a BFA in Photography under my belt. I have made it. I was done. it is time to relax.

in 2005 I up rooted and moved to Salt lake City, Utah. Five years later, I felt the need to go somewhere else, I needed a bigger pot to live in, and I moved to Lawrence, Kansas. You might not say it is a bigger pot but it will give me a good place to root myself for a while get a bit of sun and grow more. I was a Bee in the Beehive State and now I am a Bee in the Sunflower State, we were made for each other. There are a lot of similarities to my home town Tooele, UT and Lawrence, KS but it is the differences that make this town more enjoyable.

Now that i have moved the question comes up again. "What Should I Do With My Life?" this question comes with a drop down menu that includes other questions. Should i continue being educated by the University systems? Should i just stop going to school and just explore the Midwest? Canada? Europe? The depths of consciousness? Should I keep working shitty jobs? Should I go into my field? Should I change my field? should i go work in a field?

The two i seem to click on the most: Go into your field and advance in it, Stop going to school and explore.
these two options are intertwined choosing one will fulfill both in the end but one furthers education faster and the other furthers life experience. Which of these would i rather influence my art work?

For now I am going to sit on the fence of this issue, choosing both, doing both. because i cant just choose, but i cant just do nothing.

Google you have solved so many of my problems, my prayers, my wishes. This query can not be answered by your algorithms. it can only be answered by time.


Putz, Foda said...

Hey Colin, whats up? I just recently - well, sor of - graduated from college and I'm going through the same thing. It just seems like there's this huge gap now between what I excpected to happen after graduating and real life. Worse, what other people expect of me. Do you feel this as well?

I don't want to go to shitty jobs, I want to feel real. Or do what everyone else is doing just because tehre's security. Anyways, I was heartfelt when reading this and just thought I'd share. Thanks for it. And cool blog.

Colin Roe said...

I know that this is a common feeling for our generation, because we live in a time where a BA or BFA doesn't have the clout it used to.

I have never really worried about what people thought about me because i have been going against the social- economic thought of where i should be because of where i started. but i can see that feeling would be worse.

i think taking shitty jobs is only an option if it allows you to work on your passions. i currently work at a hotel. it doesn't ask for much from me and i usually have a week on and a week off so it works really well for me.

thanks for commenting.

Lauren said...

Stop going to school.
But I have a certain bitterness against the American university system, which charges you a shitload of money with no prospects for employment at the end. And if you're going to an art school or studying art, you're paying lots of money to study things their way, and produce art the way they expect their graduates too. I'm not a huge fan of art school. I think working or interning for someone or an entity you respect is, is some cases, a better deal, more valuable experience, and often leads to connections and opportunities you wouldn't have had otherwise. It's a conundrum today, trying to figure out what to do with a BA or BFA degree.

Lauren said...

I can't believe how many photographers and aspiring photographers and digital dummy mommies there are out there these's insane. The industry is so competitive and it's daunting to try and figure out how to jump into the mess. I work like 12 hours a week teaching English with lots of vacation, it pays the bills and I shoot and work on my portfolio the rest of the time..of course having a sweet well-enough paying part-time job isn't a luxury most people have. I'm just hoping I can make something work from the spare time and resources I've taken advantage of...but yeah it's really hard. I feel you!

srndur said...

Do it now or you never will. Oh the places you'll go!