Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Argument - to Publish / to Submit

The Internet- a vast amount of data

Blog- a place where organized information is seen in context

Tumblr - image/ info hoarding/ archiving/ curating

Follow – to subscribe to information you feel interests you or subject

Posting - Self Publishing

Submitting – applying for publication

Reblog – to support, with out submission

All websites were created equal in the eyes of Google. Information is gathered, blogged and reblogged, liked and archived. When you create your own blog, or sanctuary of information, you call yourself a publisher and publish for the sake of getting information out to the Internet. When you submit, you are saying that your blog is not worthy and you bow to the other blogger/blog. If your content is good there is no need for submission, because you can submit through yourself.

It is hard to curate the Internet. In a physical gallery there is time and space and presentation. There can be many or few but there isn’t an eternal amount of scrolling. You can’t get space from the Internet. You have to be there. When you submit to the Internet, it is only valid if something physical happens: a book is published or an exhibition features submitted work. If it is online someone will find it, with out submitting to other blogs.

to blog or to be blogged

- Colin Roe Ledbetter