Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Local Natives

Back in December, Local Natives played Velour.
These guys are now hitting it huge with the music world with the release of Gorilla Manor.

I am glad to know they passed by and that we could chat and play fetch with Veronica's dog Moxie.
Good luck guys.

Art Building Abstracts

name those locations (where's Waldo?)

There's A Story In Here

I got a phone call, asking me to come document a happening. this happening was stream of conscious on the J.W. Marriott Library's little glass cubicles. s.Christopher Vincent & Lindsay Griffin wrote on the glass using dry erase markers.

here are a few images from that happening. this documentation was used to get the grade. we shot stills, video, and a live recorded reading.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recent Cell Phone Photos

Still exploring the world of digital photography through the mini world of cellphone cameras. this one being the advanced camera in the iPhone 3GS. the camera has a selectable white balance and select focus by touching the screen in the place where desired.

here are a few of the images i have done as of late