Tuesday, November 10, 2009

84,000,000 seconds

500 days of Summer. so when i went to see this i had no idea what it was about. as the movie opened i started to realize what was going on it wasn't a summer oasis movie like The Endless Summer.

I gazed into the big screen wondering what the movie was saying. .... nothing really, but it made me feel strange.

So there is a part in every ones life where you can recount the good and bad days of a time with someone. 500days is nothing a year and then some. every moment you spend with that person is what is forever. seconds can extend into days depending on what is going on. 500dx24hx60mx60s=42,000,000 seconds. balls to the walls. that is a ton of time.

for me it has been twice that long. In that time i have finished most of my college career, worked at 5+ different jobs, moved twice, a new brother was born. things have defiantly changed. I have changed. everyone around me has changed. Obama: Change. my favorite CD of the last few months The Dismemberment Plan ::: Change

there is always a point of ups/downs and time and change are the only way we are able to look back and realize what we did right and what went wrong, and what never went at all and stayed the same.

somethings never change. just keep moving, creating, enjoy life everyday.

just don't forget what you have learned and i will always be here. counting the seconds. there is always a hidden message in what we create, which was left for someone to find if they could how to view the source...

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