Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why would I want to read your blog when i could have a computer read it to me?

so last year Jessica Gilmore reminded me that i could have the Macs at school speak for me. i just had to set it up. so when i had to read a digital text i would just select and listen while i got other hands on visual work done at the computer. I have now found iSpeak IT which will make a mp3 of a file, blog, weather, directions, and then i can have audio and the text on my ipod and read and listen if need be. also i have found it useful in finding grammar or spelling errors when my eyes have skipped it, my ears have a hard time skipping it....

so look at it and start listening to the stuff you have a hard time reading,... like fine print.

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Adrian said...

Very good point on hearing what your eyes can't see.

You know how many tiems I have read the same piece over and over and I only notice the errors when I read it out loud to my kids.