Sunday, October 25, 2009

did you get the memo?

A lot of times people are riding a music wave, which keeps swelling with and additional push with a wave of other bands, genres, themes, record labels, etcetera. etc. now in the case of Lauren Cooper's recent music blog (but not meant for just her) i say get used to it. remember when bands like the Byrd's or the monkeys or the beetles or the mommas and the papas.

remember when pop music just names off the person who sings and not the band that backs them? or that the rolling stones are inanimate objects or ac dc is just electric current? The Who? oh the Who! wait there was a band that is just a mistype THE THE. nope they are a band. the cure, cure nothing. they are depressing. i guess they cure happiness.

it is not about the name of the band it is about the music. it is not about the people that listen to it. it is about listening or not listening. its about how the music makes you feel not how the names make you mad.

and over everything.... it isn't about you it is about them. bands don't name them self for your pleasure. they name them selves based on whatever they want. sometimes it reflects art life music secrets jokes etc.

casiotone for the painfully alone is for everybody not just those in pain. Nine inch nails use a casiotone... it is an instrument.
animal collective and the sound of animals fighting are people trying to anonymous in a world where someone always get pushed as the head or front man....

AFI doesnt care if you think their image has changed.. because it has. the music changed too. but so has the times....

and the times they are a changing..... and you will change too.

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