Tuesday, September 15, 2009

After 15 Months...

Before s. Christopher Vincent left for Europe we made a pact that once he returned (in February) we were going to travel out to San Fran to get Jennifer Long to cut our hair. While in Europe Chris decided to extent his stay from nine months to 15 months. but we still made the trip to San Fran, and met with Jennifer in Golden Gate park. Chris went back fro the last six months and stayed in Utah to withstand the hot summer in Utah with shoulder length hair. Now that he has returned we have cut our hair. It all came off.

here are a set of GIFs i made of the difference between 15 months and 15 mins

CRL 15months GifCRL shaved GIF
SCV 15months GIFSCV shaved GIF

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Disclaimer by Ron Carlson : Cut-up after w.s.Burroughs/b.Gynsin

though I've tried the text absolutely verbatim
all the lights on late at night
I suppose I knew I was going to be alone
under the most beautiful tree on the Interstate
if I was driving back late from her house
quietly and inextricably
the airport
eighth south
I wrecked from all the waiting
I also should add
I wanted to
but it is
easier to give up
get caught
I stood so many nights whispering this
beautiful bold
repeated pattern
golden secrets
a blizzard
I stood so many midnights under
the fluorescent lights
the sky
a mile in every direction, some kind of perfect setting
some nights that time time itself dissolved
those intoxicating nights
nights under bright lights
the chilly fall nights
I put that in the book
reading this
every word
wanting to say the words
what am i going to do,
coincidental or otherwise-
so lost
-no resemblance
a girl you once knew, some woman
her body
modern love, disappeared
and you know
but do not study or understand
to look in a book
now exit
start again
see again
see for the first time
Colin Roe Ledbetter