Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sleeping Dog Days

Man it seems like years ago that i had a free summer, and two of my main men seem to be out of commission. s.Chris Vincent is in Germany, and Colby Seegmiller is heard to be somewhere in the salt lake valley. I haven't seen him, in almost a year, when i snuck him his birthday present.

and once again like the night we sent s.C into the wild world of Europe i will be spending my summer at my fathers house. sitting, thinking, drinking, and throwing ball to my best friend Maurice.

much is to be said of my fathers house and the time i have spent there. the things i have expericanced and the time i have had away from the real world an island in the middle of a salty sea.

this may be the year where the most things have changed and over the least amount of time.

this is my fifth summer sitting in the house. it may be my seventh or eight time in four years.

dear colby, come spend some nights bbqing in the back yard, you should be 21 by this point for god sake, and i miss you dearly. your wife is also missed by me and should let go of your balls a little so you both could come out on dates with angie and I. happy birthquake

and s.Chris, Angela is getting very fed up with this long hair and wants to chop it off in my sleep, she has come close. but i have just started being more of an insomniac and i hid the scissors.

but in all seriousness the fall and spring of this year should be above and beyond what any school year has been since we all started college and rightfully so

Taylor, Stokes, Nix, and Wilxore with out you guys much of my sanity would be out the door.
Ian, Davey our short time together keeps getting better and better.

the Copper Palette press kids are some of the best people to work with and i am glad i am part.

time to get working.