Thursday, April 16, 2009

Modern Writing (sent from cell phone)

I think that writing papers in modern times is a strange concept. If the class doesn't specify what kind of paper you are writing you could write a poem or dictate oral speech. And i could write a paper that through twitter or a blog space. A paper could be written by a phone. I think using technology will make us see hand writing, physically printed text, or handmade papers as fetished items.
Personally I have terrible handwritting for other people to read. I got lost in the 4th grade between cursive and print. We had almost gotten to the point where we just used a computer to do all papers or assignments.
How can i be graded on something that is almost dead as a kind of academic practice. No one grades me on my day to day conversations through the internet or sms. Where does it all fit in?

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