Sunday, December 27, 2009


So for those of you who read this the right column is for posts on the fly from Tumblr and Twitter. I am either throwing thoughts out there, things overheard or just plain random ridiculousness.

The world is just a barrage of images every day and i try to capture that. so if there is an image i would like to have kept in memory i am posting it to tumblr. These images are things i like or things i see or things that i should be working on. half the time i am blown away by the synchronicity of people out there my age (+/- 10yrs) and how we are all thinging and looking at the same images. this is also something that blows my mind we are all over the world! everything is the same except your lat/long and living condition.

The World is just one giant barrage of images

The world of TUMBLR is really getting into my mind. I look at images everyday and i try to filter what stimulates my mind the most. hinges that i would like to be doing, or things

Thursday, December 17, 2009

hex to my love

Just finished updating the website layout. I am really liking html more than i have ever had the chance. and also i just got colorslide for the iPhone and it has a good combination of color swatches to try together, its like what lookbook is trying to do on top of fashion. color palate.

<-left side. blogging.
right side-> twitter, tumblr, links, archive

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i love the way you C++

So every once in a while I try to get to know someone i have been seeing around campus but we only every make eye contact but never talk.
this only ever ends up making me like something i cant have, but i am completely fine with just being friends.

sometimes people find out i have hidden interests in things that make me look like a nerd. but really i just need some human contact.

so if i seem overly needy, want to hang out. i just need to not think about school and get my life reset.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

How did this happen?

I have never been so busy in my life. Winter break is calling my name. adventure is calling my name

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12.21.09 17:47 meet up.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Under the Bright Light

image by Colin Roe Ledbetter
Feat. s.Christopher Vincent


it's not as easy as that. There are no keystrokes in life. No command+Z


Saturday, November 14, 2009

To be continued....

Can he survive his last year at college, working a part time job living on his own going full time with three extracurricular groups? who knows? Staytuned...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

84,000,000 seconds

500 days of Summer. so when i went to see this i had no idea what it was about. as the movie opened i started to realize what was going on it wasn't a summer oasis movie like The Endless Summer.

I gazed into the big screen wondering what the movie was saying. .... nothing really, but it made me feel strange.

So there is a part in every ones life where you can recount the good and bad days of a time with someone. 500days is nothing a year and then some. every moment you spend with that person is what is forever. seconds can extend into days depending on what is going on. 500dx24hx60mx60s=42,000,000 seconds. balls to the walls. that is a ton of time.

for me it has been twice that long. In that time i have finished most of my college career, worked at 5+ different jobs, moved twice, a new brother was born. things have defiantly changed. I have changed. everyone around me has changed. Obama: Change. my favorite CD of the last few months The Dismemberment Plan ::: Change

there is always a point of ups/downs and time and change are the only way we are able to look back and realize what we did right and what went wrong, and what never went at all and stayed the same.

somethings never change. just keep moving, creating, enjoy life everyday.

just don't forget what you have learned and i will always be here. counting the seconds. there is always a hidden message in what we create, which was left for someone to find if they could how to view the source...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why would I want to read your blog when i could have a computer read it to me?

so last year Jessica Gilmore reminded me that i could have the Macs at school speak for me. i just had to set it up. so when i had to read a digital text i would just select and listen while i got other hands on visual work done at the computer. I have now found iSpeak IT which will make a mp3 of a file, blog, weather, directions, and then i can have audio and the text on my ipod and read and listen if need be. also i have found it useful in finding grammar or spelling errors when my eyes have skipped it, my ears have a hard time skipping it....

so look at it and start listening to the stuff you have a hard time reading,... like fine print.

Monday, October 26, 2009

this will be a post of a website that will never be destroyed now that geocities is closing up its windows.... austin never did update it after we started,.... we never had a digital camera or the internet reallly. we were always too busy playing half-life and deus ex or ff7 & Microsoft madness

Home Of The Rat!
Austin's Website:Music..Friends..and Everything Holy..

Here is my website. It's not much. You can get news on whats going on around here. Descriptions of me and my friends. There are going to be some pics of us and other assorted people and things (if i ever get ahold of a digital camera). Bands we like and LOCAL BANDS...Hooray!!! Got some other things mixed in there. Not to mention links to the sites we enjoy. Plus more.

Let me give you a little bit of background. Me and the rest of the crew are pretty much lazy ass bums. We generaly do nothing but hang out and listen to music. We live in Tooele, Utah. A shitty little town stuffed in the middle of nowhere.
Austin Stokes.

What's New
About Us
Photo Album
Favorite Links
Paint Balling
What's New's the news. (cause it's been a VERY long time since my last update...too bad there's not much to say) School fuckin sucks. At least it's almost over. Haven't been paintballing nearly as much as we should be. And of I always say in this damn news section, Pretty much just been sitting around, listening to music, watching T.V., being a bum, the usual. We're the lamest kids in the's pathetic. It's all just the routine and the repetition. There have been a few concerts here and there. They're the reason why I get up and make it through week after week. Now stoopid Utah is changing the liquor laws so you have to be over 18 to enter an establishment that serves alcohol...I.E.-Clubs. So that pisses me off. I hate this state.
The Cain Conspiracy has been practicing...for more info on the band or shows or stuff like that...head on over to the music page and go to the local bands.
Well anyway...
I'll update again sometime. (hopefully not like 9 months later again)
About Us
Austin C. Stokes: AKA: Ratboy, and Stokely. I'm an emo kid, and a Realist. Music is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I love computers. I take alot of risks that some people would call crazy; I call it fun. Yeah...I'm a freaking psycho. I enjoy getting hit by cars. I like looking for adventure. I love playing the hero. Even if it means being a tragic hero. I would do anything for my friends. Paintballing is my favorite sport (I'm not into sports). I am a pretty laid back guy but can get uptight pretty easily... I especially enjoy being lazy and watching T.V.
I'm pretty useless. I'm not a skater, or a blader. I despise scooters . I'm a pyromaniac. I can't get enough of that wholesome goodness of flame. I like explosives. I like destruction. I like playing with phsycology. I try to help people through this fucked up world as much as possible. The world is shit so i do my best. Remember life is pain. All in all, I'm a pretty decent guy.
Michael J. Wallace: I am a BUM. I don't do anything useful, and I'm proud of it. I like punk, hardcore, and straight-edge music. I'm am sXe (POISON FREE FOR LIFE). I do two sports, paint-balling and wrestling, the only sports I'm good at. I don't know what else to say, except I'm not Jewish. Some people say I'm funny, I say I'm an ediot. Anyway I'm sick of typing, late.
Steven S. Taylor: AKA: Stevo. I'm a wierd fucked up guy that hangs with punks, and sXe and hardcore people, I'm laid back unless you piss me off, then im an ass. or if your just stupid then ill just be an ass anyway, im known as the ass man, and clinicly insane, people are afraid of me, but im not really a scary guy. im also moody with out my pills. im also in a band and i play the bass, i love and live with my bass, unlees im with my goat "Obadiah"
my favortie band is boy hits car, followed by system of a down, then AFI.
Daniel Wetzel:
hello, Im daniel wetzel, Ive lived in the same place for 16 years. I like BBQ chicken and buffalo wings. i am a good child Thanx for choosing Charmin. if you care anything about life or just want to know more about me then e-mail me other wise im not spending time writing about me
Hi , I'm Colin
I'm an all around punk
(Back-to-basics Rock, Old School Punk, New School Punk, Street Punk, Ska, Hardcore, Old School Hip-Hop)
I hate Big business and Most Pop-culture(mostly fashion's crap)
punk, hardcore and all other things holy.. have become main-stream......
All you mainstreamer are going to change in years to come an LOOK BACK AND LAUGH...... because revolution is the only solution & all things come to pass.... it all will be right if your ever bored email me - - i check my mail weekly
Jon d. vigil: hey there my name as you must have guessed by now is jon my friends on an occasion call me vigil, but most of the time i am known as joe's little bitch (i mean brother) . i like punk because it kinda makes me want to get out and do something (which is rare for a full time bum) and i like to skate because it is an addrenaline rush and a way to get away from things. me and the crew live in bitchville utah and i love anarchy so if you are ever in the area look us up and we will kick your ass.....
well this concludes my bio so see ya around.
ose Cordova: AKA: Hozer, Hose. I'm a hopless romantic. I enjoy girls, computers, girls, stealing cars (just a mexican joke), girls, good old fashioned wholesome fun...(like parties). And doing things like...girls. Paintballing is great. I listen to pretty much anything until it annoys me, i listen mostly to things with bass. If you think Austin's a pyro stear clear of me. All in all i'm pretty easy to get along with. My favorite quotes are "Uh Hose", and "HOZER!!!"
Actually my favorite quote is "Sex is evil. Evil is sin. Sin is forgiven, so let's begin".
Email me
By the way....girls are evil.

Nate (enter your text here)
Joey (brokenlink)
first off...i apologize for the lack of pics. hopefully i will be getting more.

I love this part. Here are the pictures that will keep you entertained for a couple of minutes. I'll be adding new ones when I get them.
The Negative Page

Just Click On A Link To View The Site.

The great links. Links on everything from Punk Rock, to Anarchy, to clothing shops, even simple email providers.
(If the links dont work as they should, plz contact me.)
The Local Bands!!!
Upcoming Concerts
Click here to view our short list of good bands...
18 Visions
All Out War
American Nightmare
Arma Angelus
Army of One
As Friends Rust
As the Sun Sets
At The Gates
Atom and His Package
Avenged Sevenfold
Bad Religion
Black Flag
Bleeding Through
Blood For Blood
Blue Skies Burning
Bouncing souls
Boy Hits Car
Boy Sets Fire
Boys Night Out
Broken Standard
Buired Alive
Course of Action
Curl Up and Die
Darkest Hour
Dashboard Confessional
Dead Fucking Last
Death By Stereo
Diesel Boy
Dillenger Escape Plan
Down By Law
Dropkick Murphys
Earth Crises
Esoteric, The
Evergreen Terrace
Face Down
Flogging Molly
Fury Of 5
From Autumn To Ashes
God Forbid
Good Riddance
Hope Conspiracy
It Dies Today
Juniper Complex
Lamb Of God
Less Than Jake
Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies
Minor Threat
Mustard Plug
New Day Rising
New End Original
No Innocent Victim
No Use For A Name
One Breath
Out Of Order
Out To Win
Over My Dead Body
Perfect Circle
Poison The Well
Portraits of Past
Prevent Falls
Red Roses For A Blue Lady
Remembering Never
Rise Against
Saves The Day
Screeching Weasel
Season of Fire
Sex Pistols
Shadows Fall
Shai Hulud
Spark Lights The Friction
Straght Faced
Stretch Arm Strong
Suicide Note
System Of a Down
Ten Foot Pole
This Day Forward
Unsung Zeros
Unwritten Law
Used, The
Violent Femms
Vodo Glow Skulls
Welcome To Your Life
Will Haven
Paint Ball
You run to the next tree and scan the surrounding shrubbery. No one. You slowly move forward towards a clearing. You sit at the edge and peer in. Still no one. "Where is everyone?" you think to yourself. You cautiously enter the clearing. You catch a glimpse of movement to your left. As you turn your head, time seems to slow to a crawl. As if in slow motion you see someone stand up and point his gun at you.
You know that your doomed and try to run. Your body wont move faster than a snail. You suddenly here a small pop and watch as the small projectile hurls towards you. Helpless. Completely helpless. Welcome to the world of paint ball.
A great adrenaline rush. This sport mixes aim, tactics, and speed. Unlike it's watered down version, laser tag, when your hell. There are many scenarios and ways to play, but it's basically the same. Use tactics and talent to shoot your enemy before he shoots you. This is the greatest game. The idea of having an actual battle arena where people kill each other is said to be the ultimate, but paint balling is close enough.

Paintball is expanding in our general area. If you enjoy paintball or would like to pick up on it...we'd be happy to help you out and give you someone to play with. We are always looking for players. If you would like to come play with us sometime. Talk to one of the players listed below or you can even call me. My number is 435-882-3292.
Our Main Players:
Austin Stokes-
Mike Wallace-
Nate Labruzza-
Joey Nix-
Stevo Taylor-
Andrew Stagg-
Keith Vonneiderhousen-
Josh Erickson-
Anatoliy Balan-

*we play with many different players in the surrounding area...these are the people that I play with frequently...
Scheduled Games:
Month : Day : Day of Week : Time
November : 9th : Saturday : Noon
Here are several of the theories that we have come up with. There will probably be more on it as I get the ambition to actually write them down. I understand that some of these will make me seem crazy as hell....but oh well.

Theory Of Time/Distance Interaction
Imagine, if you will, time as a line. A solid material line. Then imagine distance as a line as well. Time and distance exist one right next to the other. You cannot bend time without bending distance as well. In order to change time you must simultaneously change distance. This explains how we are able to have time change. The Earth revolves around the sun. The Earth is changing distance, therefore it changes time as well. Think of time as a cloud. Think of the Earth as an airplane. now imagine the airplane flying through a cloud. The same principle is applied to time. Earth is like a plane flying through time which is represented as the cloud. Every part of the cloud is it’s own part. Every part of the bubble that we call time, is it’s own time. Distance is matched with the time so that you move into a different spot which is it’s own time.
mike & austin

Theory of Time...(Time Travel and Stoping Time)
Time may theoretically be stopped if distance is no longer changed. Due to the interaction of time and distance, in order to change time you must change distance. So if you no longer change distance, you will no longer change to a different time. On a side theory, ghosts can be explained as people who have the ability to stop time. If they stop distance, they then stop time. Once time has stopped you are free to do anything. Say you stop time, walk into somebody's house, knock over a lamp, then resume time once you are outside again. Time will continue and the lamp will then fall. It would seem that the lamp had not been touched for you would have never been seen.
mike & austin

Theory of Heaven and Hell
The locations known to us as heaven and hell have an explanation of how they exist. In these places you are there for eternity, there is no time. Therefore Heaven and Hell may just be locations outside of time itself. If you think of time as an atmosphere, a bubble, then there must be boundaries to the amount of space it consumes. Heaven and Hell are simply outside of this bubble allowing for an everlasting eternity.
mike & austin

Theory of Blackholes and Opposite Magnetic Pull
Black Holes may be such as a reverse magnet. An "Anti-matter". If a black hole is matter with a reverse pull, it will act like two opposite poles of a magnet and suck the opposite pole, matter, into it. You can not fall through an object because you have the same magnetic pole. When you get close enough the magnetic field repels us away from the object. Black holes are patches of matter wiath a different pole so it attracts us (Matter with our pole). Once it passes through however it is once again unable to be gone through because like the other side of a magnet, it will repel. Therefore black holes may be one sided wormholes. You can travel great distances at an unimaginable speed. Once through you cannot use the same portal to return.
Created by Austin.

Theory on Cats
Theory On Cats...
All cats are really dead...

Theory on Pop
I'll write this when I get enough ambition to do so...
-Theory by Mitch Anderson
and that was really it....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

did you get the memo?

A lot of times people are riding a music wave, which keeps swelling with and additional push with a wave of other bands, genres, themes, record labels, etcetera. etc. now in the case of Lauren Cooper's recent music blog (but not meant for just her) i say get used to it. remember when bands like the Byrd's or the monkeys or the beetles or the mommas and the papas.

remember when pop music just names off the person who sings and not the band that backs them? or that the rolling stones are inanimate objects or ac dc is just electric current? The Who? oh the Who! wait there was a band that is just a mistype THE THE. nope they are a band. the cure, cure nothing. they are depressing. i guess they cure happiness.

it is not about the name of the band it is about the music. it is not about the people that listen to it. it is about listening or not listening. its about how the music makes you feel not how the names make you mad.

and over everything.... it isn't about you it is about them. bands don't name them self for your pleasure. they name them selves based on whatever they want. sometimes it reflects art life music secrets jokes etc.

casiotone for the painfully alone is for everybody not just those in pain. Nine inch nails use a casiotone... it is an instrument.
animal collective and the sound of animals fighting are people trying to anonymous in a world where someone always get pushed as the head or front man....

AFI doesnt care if you think their image has changed.. because it has. the music changed too. but so has the times....

and the times they are a changing..... and you will change too.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Stuck in the folds of time

it is strange how fast time flies. for me time has past by in folds. every night at work i fold paper to slip under the door of a guest. bills. every morning i fold paper to put a car inside. envelope. around mid day i fold paper for binding books and making art. signature. I fold my clothes, my sheets, socks, money.

my mind

meeting after meeting i feel like no solution has been reached. the $$$$ is important. but my time is money. i found a way to optimized my cash. work at night when you are awake. its like money is coming to you in your dreams.

the empty halls and streets and windows and ☐'s


and now the ticks are done i am also done talking.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

After 15 Months...

Before s. Christopher Vincent left for Europe we made a pact that once he returned (in February) we were going to travel out to San Fran to get Jennifer Long to cut our hair. While in Europe Chris decided to extent his stay from nine months to 15 months. but we still made the trip to San Fran, and met with Jennifer in Golden Gate park. Chris went back fro the last six months and stayed in Utah to withstand the hot summer in Utah with shoulder length hair. Now that he has returned we have cut our hair. It all came off.

here are a set of GIFs i made of the difference between 15 months and 15 mins

CRL 15months GifCRL shaved GIF
SCV 15months GIFSCV shaved GIF

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Disclaimer by Ron Carlson : Cut-up after w.s.Burroughs/b.Gynsin

though I've tried the text absolutely verbatim
all the lights on late at night
I suppose I knew I was going to be alone
under the most beautiful tree on the Interstate
if I was driving back late from her house
quietly and inextricably
the airport
eighth south
I wrecked from all the waiting
I also should add
I wanted to
but it is
easier to give up
get caught
I stood so many nights whispering this
beautiful bold
repeated pattern
golden secrets
a blizzard
I stood so many midnights under
the fluorescent lights
the sky
a mile in every direction, some kind of perfect setting
some nights that time time itself dissolved
those intoxicating nights
nights under bright lights
the chilly fall nights
I put that in the book
reading this
every word
wanting to say the words
what am i going to do,
coincidental or otherwise-
so lost
-no resemblance
a girl you once knew, some woman
her body
modern love, disappeared
and you know
but do not study or understand
to look in a book
now exit
start again
see again
see for the first time
Colin Roe Ledbetter

Monday, August 31, 2009

Arrows part B

this image was part of a project by MIN HEE CHANG i found the shirt took a picture and sent it back to her. this is what she did with it and sent it back to me. i approve. it is so me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sleeping Dog Days

Man it seems like years ago that i had a free summer, and two of my main men seem to be out of commission. s.Chris Vincent is in Germany, and Colby Seegmiller is heard to be somewhere in the salt lake valley. I haven't seen him, in almost a year, when i snuck him his birthday present.

and once again like the night we sent s.C into the wild world of Europe i will be spending my summer at my fathers house. sitting, thinking, drinking, and throwing ball to my best friend Maurice.

much is to be said of my fathers house and the time i have spent there. the things i have expericanced and the time i have had away from the real world an island in the middle of a salty sea.

this may be the year where the most things have changed and over the least amount of time.

this is my fifth summer sitting in the house. it may be my seventh or eight time in four years.

dear colby, come spend some nights bbqing in the back yard, you should be 21 by this point for god sake, and i miss you dearly. your wife is also missed by me and should let go of your balls a little so you both could come out on dates with angie and I. happy birthquake

and s.Chris, Angela is getting very fed up with this long hair and wants to chop it off in my sleep, she has come close. but i have just started being more of an insomniac and i hid the scissors.

but in all seriousness the fall and spring of this year should be above and beyond what any school year has been since we all started college and rightfully so

Taylor, Stokes, Nix, and Wilxore with out you guys much of my sanity would be out the door.
Ian, Davey our short time together keeps getting better and better.

the Copper Palette press kids are some of the best people to work with and i am glad i am part.

time to get working.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the Copper Palate Press

So some print students and myself are opening up a space behind the old Guthrie's building. it will have space for most kinds of print making and photo printing.
here is a picture of bryan drilling... more pictures when i have more time.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The man in 210.
Why is it that from noon til 8 you leave your door wide open. While you cook, watch television, take naps, possibly masterbate etc.
Is it to create air flow, because you only have one window? Because that would be true in a house but you need to at least open the hall window.
You should reconsider. It weirds me out. I already feel like we live in the building in quarantine. Word life

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The summer is not just begining and and I feel like I haven't done anything but work; moving various people around the valley, working at the hardware store, working on the studio, etc...

Being that this is my first summer with out school, my schedule is out of wack. I have nowhere to be in the morning so I sleep more. Maybe once the studio is finished I will have somewhere to go.

I am shooting a wedding in one month. I am applying for a grant in the fall. I am waiting for S. Chris Vincent to arrive back in the states so we can speak to each other in german. ... Word to your mother.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thursday, May 07, 2009

notes from the underground.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photography by numbers

As a photographer and an artist I question what I am doing everyday. What is Photography? What is Art? Is Digital better than Analog? But my favorite question to ask is, “how can I talk about the digitalness of photography in a way that hasn’t been addressed as art yet?”
I look at a digital photograph as nothing but electrons. There is nothing real about a digital photo, except possibly the scene or moment in which it captured, but even those can be manipulated.
As a Photographer I have one thought that keeps running through my mind. Without lenses or light I would not be a photographer. I also look to the source of light for inspiration. So isn’t it awesome that I found the source for my idea in a book about the solar system? I think so!
While leafing through the book, a black and white image of the moon caught my eye. [Img1] Images of space are “processed by light sensors instead of conventional photographic methods.” These sensors break apart the images into a grid of pixels.[Img2]
These pixels, or picture elements, break apart the image in numerical averages of light in each cell of the grid. 255 represent pure whites; 0 represent pure blacks, and 123 represents middle grays. The grayscale, from 0-255, is a 256-step gradient of luminosity.[Img3]
When the satellite takes a picture of the moon it captures it as numbers and transmits them to an earthly computer, which converts the pixel information back to the familiar picture.
This idea intrigued me, and I set forth turning one digital image into a grid of numbers. I found an image that was similar to the image of the moon, having contrast between blacks grays and whites, to see if a similar aspect would occur.
While looking at the grid of numbers I could see the shape of the crater. But it had opposite values, like a film negative before the print is made. I noticed that the numerical information is like the density of silver in film. Where there is no silver the film is transparent, when printed it is black. Whites are the densest area on a negative like that of 255.
I now needed to convert the image into a numerical grid. My first thought was to call NASA and have them email me the program that they use to do the opposite. But I realized that if they had it would not be declassified to me. Using Photoshop I found a way to read each pixel and get its information. I would have to zoom into the image and use the eyedropper tool to get the amounts.[Img4, Img5]

The image I am using is an abstract figure with hexagonal tattoos. The hexagons contrast the light grays of the body and will likely be seen in the numerical grid, but as a negative.[Img6]

Negative information and Translated image

artist statement.

Photography by Numbers: Becoming the Machine

What is a photograph, but an image recorded by light and a light sensitive receiver?
In traditional photographic processes, light bounces off of objects and is captured through a lens on to a light sensitive film. After the film is chemically developed, the film holds a negative image. The negative is placed into an enlarger and light is projected through the film to produce a positive image on another light sensitive material. This then also has to be chemically developed for an image to appear.
A digital camera has a light sensitive receiver, which captures information in a negative numerical format. Light travels through a lens and is measured by a light sensor measuring luminosity on a scale from 0-255 (pure black – pure white). The image is divided into a grid of pixels, or picture elements. Each pixel holds a number for the luminance of that part of the image. These pixels can add to or detract from the quality of the image.
I have decided that there is no need for the computer to translate my digital image, unless you understand the language of luminosity. There are 256 characters that build this visual language. Zeros are black and as the number goes up to 255 it becomes white.
When you replace each pixel with the numerical information that it represents, you will get a negative. Similar to a film negative, the white values are dense with silver halide crystals and the black values are more transparent. The Pixel holding a zero, or black, had more white surrounding it. And the opposite is true with 255 having more black than white.

This is the language. You are the computer. Translate. This is a photograph.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Modern Writing (sent from cell phone)

I think that writing papers in modern times is a strange concept. If the class doesn't specify what kind of paper you are writing you could write a poem or dictate oral speech. And i could write a paper that through twitter or a blog space. A paper could be written by a phone. I think using technology will make us see hand writing, physically printed text, or handmade papers as fetished items.
Personally I have terrible handwritting for other people to read. I got lost in the 4th grade between cursive and print. We had almost gotten to the point where we just used a computer to do all papers or assignments.
How can i be graded on something that is almost dead as a kind of academic practice. No one grades me on my day to day conversations through the internet or sms. Where does it all fit in?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ahem... Student Show 2009

My platinum/ Palladium Nudes of Austin Stokes, Steve Taylor, Joey Nix, s.Christopher Vincent and myself are going to be a part of this show. come to the opening please

Monday, March 30, 2009

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International DADA Brownsuit

Davey Davis
For a moment was Yves Klein
Davey "Yves Klein" Davis

and He jumped into the void.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009