Friday, August 15, 2008


I haven't had so much free time in the last year than what i have had in the last three weeks. It was nice to have about twelve days off of work and nine from school but at the same time i haven't been so bored in my life. I decided that my flat was very large and unfilled and i like it that way and it might not change no matter how long i live there. the walls are not so bare now. and i have read a few books i have neglected for a while. the fridge has condiments and photo chemicals inside and the freezer has a very small ice tray. ice mostly for scotch. I sleep on a hammock on the deck overlooking a light-railway and a highly trafficked area because of the dangerous curves that present themselves as a auto-mans sexual lust for curves. I look upon the city and watch the lights dance. sitting in the light is the most relaxing thing i do now but it keeps me up, admiring the waves of light. I think i have no need for furniture because of the thought of Highway Furniture v. Pontiac Le Mans and the lack of care those people had for that low speed object on a high speedway.
stroll of your cares boys.

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