Saturday, July 26, 2008


Self Evicted. I am now a surfer of the couch. I have moved out. leaving bits and bobs on the ground, these pieces of me are just useless garbage. I filled your house with all my junk the stuff i felt was worth keeping. words, and papers that mean nothing now but once were the building blocks on which i stood.

Awake now for over twenty-four hours i may continue this another 48 if possible i might even just stay awake until Wednesday night when i go out and suck back a few cold Bs and chat with fellow colleges. and stumble home at 15mph on Sarah. well I really have no home. i have, for too long lived in the AAC and WFM and barely at the 851. and now the 202 is no more. it will not continue too long.

now all i need is a new place to live.
I just keep red lining and all i can see are red lines in my eyes and deep pockets that pointing at the E on the gauge of sleep. low on fuel. out of oil. but some how i keep burning and powering forward.
until my eyes fog over.
and i pass out.
and start again.


Anonymous said...

How very... artistic.

Colin Roe said...


Jenna said...

Well. You should move in with me.