Tuesday, June 10, 2008


December, the year’s climax,is the beginning of something beautiful. Its spent in the house I was never raised in, but call my own once a year. It is sunrise and sunset at the same time. The year goes down in flames and the rises anew from the ashes like a Phoenix. Two years ago, the death by Highway Furniture verses Pontiac Le Mans made us recreate ourselves. Last year shook more than just our baby it shook our souls. This year creation is the new destruction. The body eats at itself to live. The mind melts down causing the body to quiver and twitch, producing works unknown to the mind. I have thrown myself into the fire. I am fuel for man’s greatest creation. That which creates or is created can destroy or be destroyed. Tragedy incites the reevaluation of meaning.

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AC Stokes said...

And it shaped more than one could know....if only we'd known....that no one would ever be the same....luckily few flames burned bright even if it meant they'd eat their own fuel.........because....well because other flames died....and no amount of gas will bring them back