Friday, May 02, 2008

The Times They Are Changing...

Everything is all i have to give you. I can only give so much though. because i don't have much. and daily the supply of what i have gets less and less. the only thing i can plan for myself at this moment is a nice drink and a book. I am not a writer but she thinks i am. i don't write. fuck. vampires. I just think or exist. we all think and some words are formed.
at this point i am unsure of myself. i could take any path. single and missing the point. i just need someone to spend time with because i value time because i barely have any time. if i give you time it is because you mean something. she will never understand. they never do. I don't just sit... if i am sitting it is because i am moving my legs and the bike is moving. so sit down and understand the times they are a changing and i have more time now than ever. why should i spend it alone?

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