Monday, May 19, 2008


Movement gears education to help connect learning and progress with transportation, assembled into a well fit spinning whole. The essential climb, the ambrosial complex childish movement through nature on a cadence apparatus. The sprint rapidly thrusts for purpose, happiness, enjoyment and calenture. Community based on equilibrium, velocity and planetary homeostasis, etcetera.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

$2,400 Is NOT Equal To Zero

Ha, Balls. Some how i have failed to save money for summer semester and have to figure out a way to make some cash super fast by the 27th or resort to getting a loan/ credit card that i paid off before summer was over. Ah, living in a generation of debt and credit cards and no one has a savings account or thought of the future because every moment changes and is the future.

Fucking Whale!, sunk my Van.

Keep the Dream Alive.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh God Yes...

Oh My God!, Russian Circles' new album Station is fucking bad ass and rocking. I do not have loud enough speakers to turn it up as far as it can without making my ears bleed.
Brian Cook on bass. I rode in a van from Copenhagen with Brian and these arms are snakes. he is also in Roy. musical genius.

I cant wait till they come back to SLC.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Times They Are Changing...

Everything is all i have to give you. I can only give so much though. because i don't have much. and daily the supply of what i have gets less and less. the only thing i can plan for myself at this moment is a nice drink and a book. I am not a writer but she thinks i am. i don't write. fuck. vampires. I just think or exist. we all think and some words are formed.
at this point i am unsure of myself. i could take any path. single and missing the point. i just need someone to spend time with because i value time because i barely have any time. if i give you time it is because you mean something. she will never understand. they never do. I don't just sit... if i am sitting it is because i am moving my legs and the bike is moving. so sit down and understand the times they are a changing and i have more time now than ever. why should i spend it alone?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bread Experiment II

Remember that bread project i did in the fall? well i do, but i only remember because i still had the flour and yeast to make more. It was really the only food i had in my house for the last month.

I decided i couldn't take it any more and baked 3 loafs of bread. when they were done i ate them. but they were super thick and it might have not had enough yeast or something.

i am not a baker for sure.