Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Two Years

Even after two years i still think of that morning where your red hair hit the rising sun at just the perfect moment. your hair covering your face. the smell of a designer perfume and two weeks in heaven. Blue plate. spring has sprung once more and the snow decides to fall and not allow us to advance anymore. you and i are more intertwined than those last spring nights, we have more of a connection than the squid and the whale do. there was a reason for me to do what i did. and i think it has been beneficial to the both of us. you: almost connected to a ball and chain. I: changed for the better, E.M. has noticed something. she likes to point it out and try to figure out what could have happened to the hard me. There was and have been and always be a form of love between us.

the snow of spring is a truth that we cannot deny. I will always admit that it is there.

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