Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pre-Death Bed

I stare at my ceiling for hours studying the shadow depth created by wooden hanging structures and desk lamp that hanging on a vertical wall. The lungs want to collapse, the chest wants to explode, the eyes want to escape and the body just wants to die from aches and pains. The green mucus that projects itself into the hand, or if the hand isn't quick enough the sheets or wall or clothes, at every cough makes the body want to regurgitate. The coughs are painful. the breathing is raspy, parts of the body are rattling that shouldn't. The bodies internal thermometer is off or the thermostat is broken. the body will heat up until it is a sauna and the body removes layers of clothing just so that meltdown doesn't occur. once naked the body covered in sweat and burning up inside, suddenly the body jumps from equator to south pole. chills shoot up the spine and bumps of geese cover the body and the clothes have to go back on or the body shall freeze to death.

I stare at the ceiling. there is nothing i can do. i haven't been sick in almost a decade and i don't know how to care for myself. I just flood the body with water and lie in bed.

here are all the symptoms of Death in the Egyptian Book of Death: Blazing heat, freezing cold and then a feeling of exploding in all your parts.

hope i am alive to finish what i have started.

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