Sunday, February 24, 2008

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Much of my time is spent in three places: Work, AAC, Bed. anywhere out of that is a pleasure. This weekend Angela and I went to look for places to shoot for a problem she has in class, followed by going shopping at trolley square and later going to the Hansen Planetarium to watch Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon laser light show. and also T, Th i spent my afternoons at nobrow coffee and tea. drinking coffee and tea. I finished Beat Hotel if I hadn't mentioned that already and was surprised to find out that Bill Burroughs was a Scientologist, or at least looked into it.
My time has been out of stock lately and the shipment is delayed because of a storm between the east and west coast, deep snows and floods of work and creation.
the customers are irate.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pre-Death Bed

I stare at my ceiling for hours studying the shadow depth created by wooden hanging structures and desk lamp that hanging on a vertical wall. The lungs want to collapse, the chest wants to explode, the eyes want to escape and the body just wants to die from aches and pains. The green mucus that projects itself into the hand, or if the hand isn't quick enough the sheets or wall or clothes, at every cough makes the body want to regurgitate. The coughs are painful. the breathing is raspy, parts of the body are rattling that shouldn't. The bodies internal thermometer is off or the thermostat is broken. the body will heat up until it is a sauna and the body removes layers of clothing just so that meltdown doesn't occur. once naked the body covered in sweat and burning up inside, suddenly the body jumps from equator to south pole. chills shoot up the spine and bumps of geese cover the body and the clothes have to go back on or the body shall freeze to death.

I stare at the ceiling. there is nothing i can do. i haven't been sick in almost a decade and i don't know how to care for myself. I just flood the body with water and lie in bed.

here are all the symptoms of Death in the Egyptian Book of Death: Blazing heat, freezing cold and then a feeling of exploding in all your parts.

hope i am alive to finish what i have started.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

disappointment followed by comfort.

Ikea Lack shelves didn't come with the mounting things i needed so i could only hang one of four. split my purchases into two deliveries and the one i didn't need came first and the other one will not be here til Monday.

the best maple syrup is the one that makes me look like an alcoholic.
Northern Comfort
or NoCo if you will
it is best on vegan waffles


In a conversation with Angela somethings appeared that i never thought of before.
+Ride a bike it saves time and money.
-but time is money, then if i ride more than i loose potentially earned money.
+but money is also time, time spent earning money, the more you save money the more you save time.
if you take the time to ride a bike you save money as well as time which are one in the same.

and while writing this another interesting thing came about.
when spending money on gasoline you are spending money & time but time^3. gasoline is also time and money. or Oil is anyway. and it is made up of time, money is time, and and filling up takes a lot of time...

i am done thinking...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Sewing The Seeds Of Love

I work at the Wild Oats in downtown Salt Lake City. It is on two major roads and a major stop on the UTA Trax line. Trolley. because of these thing i get to meet a lot of interesting people every day. and some crazies and some dumbs.

the best are the crazies. those people who come in 4 or 5 times a day. think that they are gods of the world and think that they can treat you like a lower being because they shop so often and those people that are really just nuts. nuts i say.
ex. "Where is Cracker Land?" says a woman looking to find the crackers. "It is next to Cheese Island." i say because cheese has its own little circle of coolers around it and it doesn't touch any other department.

the dumbs. they are alright. but i know they have NO idea that they are in a health food store or a store that promotes and supports better products than those that are advertised for a million times a day. this happens near the beer cooler more than anywhere for me.
ex. "do you have domestic beer... say like Coors", "no, but we have Pabst (PBR)"Pabst isnt real beer."
ex."Do you have REGULAR potato chips?" "umm, yes, but you want Lays don't you." "Yes." well then no we do not have regular potato chips. but we have all these other kinds that are irregular"

damn people are dumb.

the other are the interesting people for me those are friends and people i can connect with because we chat about food or the store or whatever. this also includes the home less and insane. there is an old man that sits on the mezzanine and we chat about what is is produce and what is in grocery and how cats are the better than dogs because lions are cats but the dog doesn't have something like a lion. they are all the same size. other than great dane's. but great dane's couldn't fight a lion.

i also like the name of our store. Wild Oats. to me that promotes free love and sexual intercourse without boundaries.
sewin' Wild Oats

Sunday, February 03, 2008


they are looking good.
maybe going right back to where they were before.
weekend love sessions at weirds hours.
it has been a year since we met