Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I am going to be more fit, enjoy the outdoors, bike every day, climb every weekend, be professional in my school work, fast once a month for a week, show work in a gallery, get a fixed gear, get climbing gear, donate blood every 8 week until i get tattoos, buy a medium format camera, maybe a large format, spend time with my little brothers, and sister, spend time with all of my family: Taylor and Ledbetter, get a new wardrobe, paint the living room and my bedroom wall, shoot every chance i get, get a studio setup, fix my teeth, become fluent in German, Protest every chance i get, buy 100 Cd's, subscribe to all the magazines that i want, become a yogi, and never regret a moment in my life.

that's one long idea. give me a year lets see how it works.

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Der Blaue Reiter said...

Two comments on this one:
Come build your bike, so I can keep up with you on my janky single-speed...

Oh, and 'no justice, no peace' sums up my agreement nicely.