Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Analyse : Photographs

Single print of images altered while listening to Analyse by Thom Yorke off The Eraser
See it in person

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Color preview 1.0

This rough thought played out in an odd way. shot 4 different times and projected on a kodak Audio/Viewer

landscapes with vegetables

Friday, November 21, 2008

Drafts of final projects... 1.0 Advanced

Photographs not taken by my hand, but by a Photo booth.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Up and Coming

I have been spending a lot of nights in the studio. I wish i had my own. it would make working on my final project for color a lot easier than it is at the moment. also i have a new project using the photo booth. lets see what comes of that.
alternative has been educational and digital has been informative.

i am working on 8 or nine things at once and it is hard to keep the timing straight.

maybe i will post something in the future worth your intertime.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Digital Imaging...

This class is not my favorite place to be with my work but i do what i can even if i would rather not be doing digital work

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


more permanent than this code of 1's & 0's

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cell Photos

I have been using my cell phone to take photographs of the city and other surrounding that i exist in everyday. I use the cell phone for its bad quality compared to a higher megapixel SLR camera. the Cellphoto has a painters stroke abstraction of what the real image should be. here are a few things of them.

Friday, August 15, 2008

In Love

I have been working on a few things this summer. A series of pictures of the environment and myself interacting. maybe i will show this some day. here is an image. if you would like to see more email me.

Two Years and Counting.

I made a screen print of you brother. ten layers of wonder. every one of those layers make up you and they are translated into a part of me. the ink which i shall implant in the skin of my chest. I will carry you with me for my life brother. May I never have to see the day the develop the ash site of you my brother. suburban motherfuckers. they desecrate my mother, earth, and i hope to your memory that i have swallowed more of your ash then they will ever touch with a shovel.

We all miss you.


I haven't had so much free time in the last year than what i have had in the last three weeks. It was nice to have about twelve days off of work and nine from school but at the same time i haven't been so bored in my life. I decided that my flat was very large and unfilled and i like it that way and it might not change no matter how long i live there. the walls are not so bare now. and i have read a few books i have neglected for a while. the fridge has condiments and photo chemicals inside and the freezer has a very small ice tray. ice mostly for scotch. I sleep on a hammock on the deck overlooking a light-railway and a highly trafficked area because of the dangerous curves that present themselves as a auto-mans sexual lust for curves. I look upon the city and watch the lights dance. sitting in the light is the most relaxing thing i do now but it keeps me up, admiring the waves of light. I think i have no need for furniture because of the thought of Highway Furniture v. Pontiac Le Mans and the lack of care those people had for that low speed object on a high speedway.
stroll of your cares boys.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

love lines...

phone calls. open dialog with friends. trying to fix something that is broken. chosen one. no sense in not trying.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Self Evicted. I am now a surfer of the couch. I have moved out. leaving bits and bobs on the ground, these pieces of me are just useless garbage. I filled your house with all my junk the stuff i felt was worth keeping. words, and papers that mean nothing now but once were the building blocks on which i stood.

Awake now for over twenty-four hours i may continue this another 48 if possible i might even just stay awake until Wednesday night when i go out and suck back a few cold Bs and chat with fellow colleges. and stumble home at 15mph on Sarah. well I really have no home. i have, for too long lived in the AAC and WFM and barely at the 851. and now the 202 is no more. it will not continue too long.

now all i need is a new place to live.
I just keep red lining and all i can see are red lines in my eyes and deep pockets that pointing at the E on the gauge of sleep. low on fuel. out of oil. but some how i keep burning and powering forward.
until my eyes fog over.
and i pass out.
and start again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey Brother


Happy Birthday Colby Jon Seegmiller. You are one year closer to be able to drink at a bar with me. Love you Man.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot Snakes

It's HOT as shit. The ONLY way to cool down is a nice cold beer and a fan. It is also more humid than its been all year. if it would have just rained a bit more and didnt sprinkle in the morning it would be a much cooler afternoon.

Tomorrow is going to be rad. Andrew Bird is playing. I might be getting my wisdom teeth yanked out of my skull and i have a work meeting that i might not be quite sober for.

God Damn the Summer.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Auto mo' bile.

Auto mo' bile. The automobile has killed more of my friends than anything. Flip and Broil. Crash and Crush. Fuck... Car Sickness is not just because of the interior motion. When i see cars in motion i get sick.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Road rash is a bitch. I am just happy i didn't get hit by the bus. one week later scabs are healed and shits is better
i pushed my self down a fight of stairs just to see if it changed how i felt about them. it pains me to say nothing changed. (<--not a real situation yet...)

I have been working on a few art projects at once. the photos have two sides to them: there is a series of new discoveries with nowhere places and then there are the new experience by falling in nowhere places.

the photographs have nothing to say to you as a viewer but to me the image i retain of the environment while a photograph is taken is what the photos really about.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

To Sarah Martin

To My Dear Sarah Martin,
Happy Birthday. I will give you good fabricated money for these: Please?


Six Months later: Same house. different situation. Type setting. type typing. write writing. bike biking. drink drinking. print printing. shoot shoot shooting. Time to make a sandwich.

Power (off)

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Red Line

Chris says i am redlining. the RPM's are at max and i cant push myself further or my engine will break. since i ride a bike that means me. i am going to be redlining until Thursday. does anyone want to be waiting at the finish line to see if i do finish?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dream State (utah)

My dreams are part of my state of consciousness.
What I really see is overlapped by what I interpret and my memory all going at one time.
I feel it is like when I read a book.
You see Text, but you see the story before your eyes and you or at least I, have the things I have been thinking of all day overlapping one another.
that is all.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


December, the year’s climax,is the beginning of something beautiful. Its spent in the house I was never raised in, but call my own once a year. It is sunrise and sunset at the same time. The year goes down in flames and the rises anew from the ashes like a Phoenix. Two years ago, the death by Highway Furniture verses Pontiac Le Mans made us recreate ourselves. Last year shook more than just our baby it shook our souls. This year creation is the new destruction. The body eats at itself to live. The mind melts down causing the body to quiver and twitch, producing works unknown to the mind. I have thrown myself into the fire. I am fuel for man’s greatest creation. That which creates or is created can destroy or be destroyed. Tragedy incites the reevaluation of meaning.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Movement gears education to help connect learning and progress with transportation, assembled into a well fit spinning whole. The essential climb, the ambrosial complex childish movement through nature on a cadence apparatus. The sprint rapidly thrusts for purpose, happiness, enjoyment and calenture. Community based on equilibrium, velocity and planetary homeostasis, etcetera.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

$2,400 Is NOT Equal To Zero

Ha, Balls. Some how i have failed to save money for summer semester and have to figure out a way to make some cash super fast by the 27th or resort to getting a loan/ credit card that i paid off before summer was over. Ah, living in a generation of debt and credit cards and no one has a savings account or thought of the future because every moment changes and is the future.

Fucking Whale!, sunk my Van.

Keep the Dream Alive.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh God Yes...

Oh My God!, Russian Circles' new album Station is fucking bad ass and rocking. I do not have loud enough speakers to turn it up as far as it can without making my ears bleed.
Brian Cook on bass. I rode in a van from Copenhagen with Brian and these arms are snakes. he is also in Roy. musical genius.

I cant wait till they come back to SLC.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Times They Are Changing...

Everything is all i have to give you. I can only give so much though. because i don't have much. and daily the supply of what i have gets less and less. the only thing i can plan for myself at this moment is a nice drink and a book. I am not a writer but she thinks i am. i don't write. fuck. vampires. I just think or exist. we all think and some words are formed.
at this point i am unsure of myself. i could take any path. single and missing the point. i just need someone to spend time with because i value time because i barely have any time. if i give you time it is because you mean something. she will never understand. they never do. I don't just sit... if i am sitting it is because i am moving my legs and the bike is moving. so sit down and understand the times they are a changing and i have more time now than ever. why should i spend it alone?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bread Experiment II

Remember that bread project i did in the fall? well i do, but i only remember because i still had the flour and yeast to make more. It was really the only food i had in my house for the last month.

I decided i couldn't take it any more and baked 3 loafs of bread. when they were done i ate them. but they were super thick and it might have not had enough yeast or something.

i am not a baker for sure.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not A Dream

I have been working out a 3D problem about "dreams" these last two weeks. it is very odd to think about how dreaming affects ones day. see. as i see it i do not dream in my sleep and i day dream constantly. even as i sit and type this thought there is something between me and the computer and even more so there is something in between that.
travel. destination. body part(in a sexy way not dismembered). colors. words. stories i have read.

because of this project it has been harder and harder to separate which is really happening and what is not. i also think that the amount of sleep helps destroy reality on top of that.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Spiral Jetty

This Spring Break I went to Spiral Jetty, Utah Land Art, with a couple of friends. Last Year we (i say we as a general term, the people were different each time.) went to the Utah Tree

Friday, March 28, 2008

Universal Constant

Constantly working, thinking, creating, consuming, excreting, listening, reading, philosophizing, fucking, sleeping, cleaning, destroying, F=G(m1m2/r^2), dying.

And somehow this all fits in my brain and in the time set by the universe.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Two Years

Even after two years i still think of that morning where your red hair hit the rising sun at just the perfect moment. your hair covering your face. the smell of a designer perfume and two weeks in heaven. Blue plate. spring has sprung once more and the snow decides to fall and not allow us to advance anymore. you and i are more intertwined than those last spring nights, we have more of a connection than the squid and the whale do. there was a reason for me to do what i did. and i think it has been beneficial to the both of us. you: almost connected to a ball and chain. I: changed for the better, E.M. has noticed something. she likes to point it out and try to figure out what could have happened to the hard me. There was and have been and always be a form of love between us.

the snow of spring is a truth that we cannot deny. I will always admit that it is there.

The Creation of Beauty is Art

Enlightenment. It is a climb to reach enlightenment. In life there are many stages to reach the top out. I use many things to help me reach enlightenment: Knowledge, Nature and Reevaluation. I meditate with the Boulders in Little Cottonwood Canyon and in the book of great minds and i gaze into the mirror and through the lens to recompose what i see in life that creates beauty and flows well with the way i live.
That is all included into the sculpture i am making in my foundations 3D class.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Casino Blonde

There it is. it is as tall as me and has me in it. but it is not me. it is something of a Pinocchio of me. wooden sculpture. fetish. totem. granite. books. nature. bastard. narcissistic. heavy. freestanding and full of power. it could kill me and almost has

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Much of my time is spent in three places: Work, AAC, Bed. anywhere out of that is a pleasure. This weekend Angela and I went to look for places to shoot for a problem she has in class, followed by going shopping at trolley square and later going to the Hansen Planetarium to watch Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon laser light show. and also T, Th i spent my afternoons at nobrow coffee and tea. drinking coffee and tea. I finished Beat Hotel if I hadn't mentioned that already and was surprised to find out that Bill Burroughs was a Scientologist, or at least looked into it.
My time has been out of stock lately and the shipment is delayed because of a storm between the east and west coast, deep snows and floods of work and creation.
the customers are irate.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pre-Death Bed

I stare at my ceiling for hours studying the shadow depth created by wooden hanging structures and desk lamp that hanging on a vertical wall. The lungs want to collapse, the chest wants to explode, the eyes want to escape and the body just wants to die from aches and pains. The green mucus that projects itself into the hand, or if the hand isn't quick enough the sheets or wall or clothes, at every cough makes the body want to regurgitate. The coughs are painful. the breathing is raspy, parts of the body are rattling that shouldn't. The bodies internal thermometer is off or the thermostat is broken. the body will heat up until it is a sauna and the body removes layers of clothing just so that meltdown doesn't occur. once naked the body covered in sweat and burning up inside, suddenly the body jumps from equator to south pole. chills shoot up the spine and bumps of geese cover the body and the clothes have to go back on or the body shall freeze to death.

I stare at the ceiling. there is nothing i can do. i haven't been sick in almost a decade and i don't know how to care for myself. I just flood the body with water and lie in bed.

here are all the symptoms of Death in the Egyptian Book of Death: Blazing heat, freezing cold and then a feeling of exploding in all your parts.

hope i am alive to finish what i have started.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

disappointment followed by comfort.

Ikea Lack shelves didn't come with the mounting things i needed so i could only hang one of four. split my purchases into two deliveries and the one i didn't need came first and the other one will not be here til Monday.

the best maple syrup is the one that makes me look like an alcoholic.
Northern Comfort
or NoCo if you will
it is best on vegan waffles


In a conversation with Angela somethings appeared that i never thought of before.
+Ride a bike it saves time and money.
-but time is money, then if i ride more than i loose potentially earned money.
+but money is also time, time spent earning money, the more you save money the more you save time.
if you take the time to ride a bike you save money as well as time which are one in the same.

and while writing this another interesting thing came about.
when spending money on gasoline you are spending money & time but time^3. gasoline is also time and money. or Oil is anyway. and it is made up of time, money is time, and and filling up takes a lot of time...

i am done thinking...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Sewing The Seeds Of Love

I work at the Wild Oats in downtown Salt Lake City. It is on two major roads and a major stop on the UTA Trax line. Trolley. because of these thing i get to meet a lot of interesting people every day. and some crazies and some dumbs.

the best are the crazies. those people who come in 4 or 5 times a day. think that they are gods of the world and think that they can treat you like a lower being because they shop so often and those people that are really just nuts. nuts i say.
ex. "Where is Cracker Land?" says a woman looking to find the crackers. "It is next to Cheese Island." i say because cheese has its own little circle of coolers around it and it doesn't touch any other department.

the dumbs. they are alright. but i know they have NO idea that they are in a health food store or a store that promotes and supports better products than those that are advertised for a million times a day. this happens near the beer cooler more than anywhere for me.
ex. "do you have domestic beer... say like Coors", "no, but we have Pabst (PBR)"Pabst isnt real beer."
ex."Do you have REGULAR potato chips?" "umm, yes, but you want Lays don't you." "Yes." well then no we do not have regular potato chips. but we have all these other kinds that are irregular"

damn people are dumb.

the other are the interesting people for me those are friends and people i can connect with because we chat about food or the store or whatever. this also includes the home less and insane. there is an old man that sits on the mezzanine and we chat about what is is produce and what is in grocery and how cats are the better than dogs because lions are cats but the dog doesn't have something like a lion. they are all the same size. other than great dane's. but great dane's couldn't fight a lion.

i also like the name of our store. Wild Oats. to me that promotes free love and sexual intercourse without boundaries.
sewin' Wild Oats

Sunday, February 03, 2008


they are looking good.
maybe going right back to where they were before.
weekend love sessions at weirds hours.
it has been a year since we met

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The day consist of nothing
The snow falls when it pleases
The food comes off the shelf and in to the homes of the customers
I replace it or face it
I clock in and out
The sun rises and sets
nothing interesting happens
not in my dimension

Burning A Hole In Mind & Wallet

The Spree continued today by spending $130 at Slowtrain and $100 at B-N
The Deceberists - Her Majesty , Castaway and Cutouts
Jonah Matranga - And
Mirah - Joyride : Remixes
Atmosphere - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Black Mountain - In The Future
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath
Chris Walla - Field Manual
Ham On Rye
Ask The Dust
Wait Until Spring, Bandini
Hot Water Music
Howl and Other Poems

Friday, January 25, 2008

Increase / Decrease

I have gone on a recent spending spree, say almost a grand in 2 weeks not including food and art supplies. Zune, Timbuk2 XXL Pro Messenger Bag, $300+ of CDs, and a photo of my father.
The reason might be the intense cut down on alcohol consumption, and the large amount of free time since Ang and I have decided to take it a bit easy and look at a few other options on life.
One thing that has increased is the amount of time i put into art work and working at wild oats.
but things are looking up. with a new hair cut and a a work out regimen i feel better about almost everything. have to work out of the winter depression.
now all that needs to happen is to acquire more room for my living needs.

Friday, January 11, 2008

This is Shape.

When one of my favorite local groups, When Frequencies Collapse, split I didn't know where they were going go from where they had already gone. WFC was traveling at a fast pace to the the height of a music renaissance. then like all bands that are doing something spectacular, i.e. At The Drive-In, their atoms split.

But now something else has formed from the primordial ooze of that big bang.

and here is my early documentation of the heart and soul of Shape

Brandon Bailey

Christopher Vincent

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Seconds til Midnight

Tomorrow is the bottom of the third. the third year of school. By the looks of it i might not finish this game for at least another three innings. I am always up for bat. there are many of my friends playing the game but on a different field with a different team.
batters up.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I am going to be more fit, enjoy the outdoors, bike every day, climb every weekend, be professional in my school work, fast once a month for a week, show work in a gallery, get a fixed gear, get climbing gear, donate blood every 8 week until i get tattoos, buy a medium format camera, maybe a large format, spend time with my little brothers, and sister, spend time with all of my family: Taylor and Ledbetter, get a new wardrobe, paint the living room and my bedroom wall, shoot every chance i get, get a studio setup, fix my teeth, become fluent in German, Protest every chance i get, buy 100 Cd's, subscribe to all the magazines that i want, become a yogi, and never regret a moment in my life.

that's one long idea. give me a year lets see how it works.