Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bottom of the Third

I have my schedule for the next season of Uni. I am not taking a class where i take pictures but i still plan to.

ART 2350 3D
T,H 09:10-12:05 SNAPP
(who i plan on calling Professer Snape at least once if not the whole year)
ART 2250 2D
T,H 12:25-15:20 OHARA 4.0
ARTH 3600 Hist. of Photo
T,H 18:00-19:30 MAROTTA
GERMAN 3050 Lit & Cult
M,W 11:50-13:10 KUBIESSA

My work schedule is already planned and i am going to be hella busy all the time.
but thats how i like Uni

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r.johanna said...

we are taking a class together- (i said that in a sing-songy voice by the way.) it will be great. we will pass notes like school girls and it will be awesome.