Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Greatest

Cat Power and Band Of Horses have been getting me through the long nights and mornings of this final photo project and a repeat of the medium format shots. I have been 2D-ing and 3D-ing at night in the AAC on campus. Also the chair we bought for the studio is getting me through the tought times between shoots and in need of powernap moments.
i have also been shooting my projects from 3D in the studio so i have a good record of what i have done.

this has been one of the greatest but hardest semesters i have had and finals are here for one more week...

god help me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


As a consumer of music since the age of 11 i have always wanted to go to the Urban Lounge, a 21 and up bar and venue. November 15 2007 I was finally legal to go in and have a beer and rock out to music.
It was a good night too. the Soundtrack Scene, Old Time Relijun, Fog, and Vile Blue Shades. many of my friends were there from around the music scene.
i cant wait until this Saturday when Bronco, Band Of Annuals, and Dead Horse Point play.

now all i am waiting for is senior discounts.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I shot Chris Vincent and Brandon Bailey in the studio last week. Vincent and Bailey's newest project is Shape. this musical group is a new way of playing music for the duo. The last project When Frequencies Collapse was a new look at rock in the way of experimental post-hardcore. WFC took the stage and local fans had their breath taken away by the amazing music coming from the speakers. In WFC Vincent exclusively did vocals and Bailey on percussion. Tadd Fotheringham on bass and Tanner Furness on guitar. Tadd and Tanner both used a load of pedal switches.

Shape is a new sound for Vincent and Bailey, a more mellow sound that is more approachable by new music listeners, and hopefully more successful as a long term group

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bottom of the Third

I have my schedule for the next season of Uni. I am not taking a class where i take pictures but i still plan to.

ART 2350 3D
T,H 09:10-12:05 SNAPP
(who i plan on calling Professer Snape at least once if not the whole year)
ART 2250 2D
T,H 12:25-15:20 OHARA 4.0
ARTH 3600 Hist. of Photo
T,H 18:00-19:30 MAROTTA
GERMAN 3050 Lit & Cult
M,W 11:50-13:10 KUBIESSA

My work schedule is already planned and i am going to be hella busy all the time.
but thats how i like Uni


Happy 16th birthday Morgan Elizabeth Baird. in 5 years you should be where I am now. so we all hope.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Why do I even look in the fridge... it only has condiments, empty bottles and film in it. I get paid around my birthday, then it shall get filled with full bottles and Tofurky products.


I like to be tired from work and not to be tired of work. those are the kind of jobs i leave happy.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Unusual Appliance

I will be the first appliance in the oval office as president.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friends Pitched Against Friends

There is a point in time to tell someone they should do the dishes, and unless you do coke or other drugs that keep you up cleaning all night, 3 am is not the best time to tell someone that they have dishes to do.
I hate getting pulled out of bed because someone took the dishes too far to some one that was drunk.
Next time this happens i will fucking clock you both and go to sleep.
Higs: learn to quit pushing the limit of conversations, people want to punch you sometimes.
Gill: You were drunk but clear minded. but you are too calm for the situation and that was seen as a form of disrespect. you shouldn't have punched him.
I hope the best for you two. you have been friends since 5th grade, and what are dishes amongst friends... seriously

Ryan: I hope you got some sleep. thanks for coming to get me, it was a good idea to grab someone that has know say in the friendship who has insight. i am sorry i had to go seeing i had work in the morning.

fucking hell people do your dishes and dirty laundry at a better time than 3 am after a night of drinking. cops hate to deal with this shit just as much as i do.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Lebensmittel Verkäufer

Ich habe eines neues Job. Ich arbeitet als Verkäufer.

I am a grocer at Wild Oats Market

or as it is now know as Whole Foods Market.

WFM bought WOM