Thursday, October 25, 2007

Problem 9; Bread

What a great way to bring in the Thanksgiving holiday than to make food, or sculptures out of food at least.
we are to make scuptures out of bread that are thanksgiving themed. two pieces
I am hoping to get in cahoots with Vosen's Bread Paradise because they are German and they are a bakerei.
My plans are to make a giant turkey and carve it and a bowl of stuffing (haha.)

AHH Foiled again! I have been working so much for the last 3 weeks and all my free time went to work. in the end i got shorted a week so i didnt have enough money or time to go to vosens. I called my grandmother and found a good bread that didnt need eggs or milk and i got started on my project. the first piece was a ugly ruined turkey. the second piece turn out to be intestines.
pendell was confused by both and said the turkey looked vaginal and the intestine a folic symbol. he made them fuck

i got 6/10 pts on this one night stand.

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