Thursday, October 25, 2007

Problem 8; Totem Pole

Out of a low fire clay make five representational pieces that will later be glued into a personal totem pole. using important aspects of my personality , life/ philosophy and to be displayed on a supportive base
green ware is to be fired and then decorated. paint and assemble.
the five things i made:
1. Beehive (for Utah, the bee hive state)
2. Boulder (I boulder on weekends and in free time, mostly on granite)
3. Book (I am a cultured man, german cultured that is)
4. Broken Cage (I am a vegan)
5. SLR camera
Base: Wood in the shape of Utah

First time around in a kiln for a while and i guess 2 of my pieces were not built to par. the base of the beehive exploded as well as the first camera. I think there was air inside the slabs of clay.
I made a second camera.

7/10 pts

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