Thursday, October 25, 2007

Problem 7; Artist Mask

I think i might have taken the concept a bit over the top for this problem. the term artist mask , i feel, should exploit the artist for their skills and talents. we could use any material we wanted, it just has to exploit the power and potential of its form. it should be able to stand on its own visually.

I had all these ideas on what kind of mask to make or what material to use. but in the end it came down to that i didn't have any money and couldn't buy material.

when i finally came around and bought some material i bought some old leather scraps and a few conchos and some suede string. the material i was using was not something i would do normally. like a confusion of self, i feel the mask were the same thing and confusion of self.

but time not permitting i fail at a full facial covering that made me look like a sex fiend and i made a lone ranger mask instead.

it looked nice but was not enough for a month of work.
5 /10 pts

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