Thursday, October 25, 2007

Problem 6; Low Relief

There is a lot I could do with pins and black foam core when creating a low relief that is stimulating in 2D and 3D, but I didn't like the idea of patterns and lines, I am also tired of non-representative work.
What I did like is the idea of depth and intensity of light by clusters pins at certain heights and groupings.

I used the base from problem 2 (to save money and time) and removed the top of the last piece and placed it on the base of problem 5 (which are both hanging on my wall) and created a new, cleaner looking, smooth, leathereque and riveted with pins around the seams.
On top I decided to investigate star clusters. (I listen to Star Date most nights) i used Star Cluster R136 and then began on working.

Visually I did what i wanted. but from the sides (at eye level) it looks dull.

now for critique.

it did well in critique but many of the pieces were more elaborate. the base recieved more attention than the star cluster.
7 / 10 pts

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