Thursday, October 25, 2007

Multimedia; Transfers

Word and images are reversed when you look into a mirror, the same goes for chemical transfers. Knowing that these reversals exist you have to plan for words, if they are to be read in the right direction, and for images, if direction is important to image or piece, and arrange all to work together. another way to get things back to the original orientation you could use another mirror.
I consider myself and many of my colleges Narcissists. each image is reversed based on the idea of a mirror or narcissism in one picture the text is the correct orientation because it was taken of a mirror. the three narcissist text are reversed to be read in a mirror, since the use of two mirrors puts things back to the original orientation, or in this case a transfer and a mirror.
All images face in from the outside or face forward. the female nudes are based on my mindset on how nudity is just a form of expression. the male nudes are an embodiment of those pictured. and the reversed text of Pluto and bag bang you're dead are a reflection on the death of a planet. all other images were purely used for color

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