Monday, October 29, 2007


This is one of Jeff's big dreams is to interview the musicians that he loves. so we had Chris Corner in the KUTE studio.

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Simple Epitaph

I learn fast how to keep my head up. after seven months of amazing times things fell short but fast. single again jobless again and still short on cash to live. I roam the city in search for a job and for something to do.
in light of all that i found a job and decided that the time that i have free needs to be put into Uni and not sulking or sleeping.
the winter is coming and making the mornings cold and the midday hot and the night come earlier.
sun rise, sun set. all thing that begin have an end. east is life, west is death. what goes up must come down.

so i quit climbing trees because i fell out too often.
the winter will keep me in doors with books and blankets and artificial light and cold air. and a memory of warm light on a winters day.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Multimedia; Transfers

Word and images are reversed when you look into a mirror, the same goes for chemical transfers. Knowing that these reversals exist you have to plan for words, if they are to be read in the right direction, and for images, if direction is important to image or piece, and arrange all to work together. another way to get things back to the original orientation you could use another mirror.
I consider myself and many of my colleges Narcissists. each image is reversed based on the idea of a mirror or narcissism in one picture the text is the correct orientation because it was taken of a mirror. the three narcissist text are reversed to be read in a mirror, since the use of two mirrors puts things back to the original orientation, or in this case a transfer and a mirror.
All images face in from the outside or face forward. the female nudes are based on my mindset on how nudity is just a form of expression. the male nudes are an embodiment of those pictured. and the reversed text of Pluto and bag bang you're dead are a reflection on the death of a planet. all other images were purely used for color

Problem 10; Final! Tention & Planes in Space

using planes, lines & tension, design and construct a hanging, lightweight volumetric sculpture.
-at least three feet in one direction, piece must be hanging for critique.
5/10 pts

Problem 9; Bread

What a great way to bring in the Thanksgiving holiday than to make food, or sculptures out of food at least.
we are to make scuptures out of bread that are thanksgiving themed. two pieces
I am hoping to get in cahoots with Vosen's Bread Paradise because they are German and they are a bakerei.
My plans are to make a giant turkey and carve it and a bowl of stuffing (haha.)

AHH Foiled again! I have been working so much for the last 3 weeks and all my free time went to work. in the end i got shorted a week so i didnt have enough money or time to go to vosens. I called my grandmother and found a good bread that didnt need eggs or milk and i got started on my project. the first piece was a ugly ruined turkey. the second piece turn out to be intestines.
pendell was confused by both and said the turkey looked vaginal and the intestine a folic symbol. he made them fuck

i got 6/10 pts on this one night stand.

Problem 8; Totem Pole

Out of a low fire clay make five representational pieces that will later be glued into a personal totem pole. using important aspects of my personality , life/ philosophy and to be displayed on a supportive base
green ware is to be fired and then decorated. paint and assemble.
the five things i made:
1. Beehive (for Utah, the bee hive state)
2. Boulder (I boulder on weekends and in free time, mostly on granite)
3. Book (I am a cultured man, german cultured that is)
4. Broken Cage (I am a vegan)
5. SLR camera
Base: Wood in the shape of Utah

First time around in a kiln for a while and i guess 2 of my pieces were not built to par. the base of the beehive exploded as well as the first camera. I think there was air inside the slabs of clay.
I made a second camera.

7/10 pts

Problem 7; Artist Mask

I think i might have taken the concept a bit over the top for this problem. the term artist mask , i feel, should exploit the artist for their skills and talents. we could use any material we wanted, it just has to exploit the power and potential of its form. it should be able to stand on its own visually.

I had all these ideas on what kind of mask to make or what material to use. but in the end it came down to that i didn't have any money and couldn't buy material.

when i finally came around and bought some material i bought some old leather scraps and a few conchos and some suede string. the material i was using was not something i would do normally. like a confusion of self, i feel the mask were the same thing and confusion of self.

but time not permitting i fail at a full facial covering that made me look like a sex fiend and i made a lone ranger mask instead.

it looked nice but was not enough for a month of work.
5 /10 pts

Problem 6; Low Relief

There is a lot I could do with pins and black foam core when creating a low relief that is stimulating in 2D and 3D, but I didn't like the idea of patterns and lines, I am also tired of non-representative work.
What I did like is the idea of depth and intensity of light by clusters pins at certain heights and groupings.

I used the base from problem 2 (to save money and time) and removed the top of the last piece and placed it on the base of problem 5 (which are both hanging on my wall) and created a new, cleaner looking, smooth, leathereque and riveted with pins around the seams.
On top I decided to investigate star clusters. (I listen to Star Date most nights) i used Star Cluster R136 and then began on working.

Visually I did what i wanted. but from the sides (at eye level) it looks dull.

now for critique.

it did well in critique but many of the pieces were more elaborate. the base recieved more attention than the star cluster.
7 / 10 pts

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sit Down, Sit Down, Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat!

It is also rare to get time, with school and work and being social, to sit and watch a movie. Tonight we sat, after baking a delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake, to some Perry Mason and the 1955 classic musical "Guys and Dolls"

Luck be a lady tonight.

Guy and Doll

After a long day of creating art, Angela and I stop and take a picture of us together, which is rare (even though we both do photography).
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Public v. Private + 3200iso

In these four pictures I show that people ignore whether it is a public or private space. the situations are the same in either. the situation is emotion.
set one. Ally + Jose "close"

Set two. Kimberlie + Austin "distant"

I also shot some 3200 speed film and this is one of my favorites of the roll.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Riding a Bicycle

The ride is a big part of my life. It keeps me fit and mobile.
The child below me does not have the same connection i have with my bike. he is too young.

I don't remember a time where i didn't have my equilibrium and could ride a bike without falling down. He doesn't seem to know how to stay up yet.

This morning i watched him fall 10 ft away from where his mother started him.

I wish i was him... I wish every thing was new.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grove + Main

Today is another one of those days where nothing is going on. I need to find a new job and get paid more or find one in a closer location.

Chris Vincent and I went to the Grove Street Market and each ordered a sandwich. and as always i finished my whole sandwich before he finished half.

some day he will defeat it.