Monday, September 24, 2007

Problem 5; Serial Planes

Points determine a Line. Lines determine a Plane. Planes determine a Volume.

Create a freestanding volumetric, abstract form from one set of serial planes made of white foam board. Use repetition or gradation and attach to a black foam base.

We got to grade our class by placing the best pieces on one side and the not so good ones on the other. Because of the last grades, which were not explained why we got what we did ( a few didn't meet criteria, but they were good works of art.), the class got into a debate about what should be best and which were bad. I didn't touch many peices until the end. sorting out the bad from the better.

some one had placed mine in the front.
I felt glad because i had lost the tip of my finger to this assignment.

Post Script:
It is too dense.
10 / 10 PTS (finally)
gold star

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