Monday, September 24, 2007

Problem 4; Texture-Form Dichotomy Noun
1. A separation into two divisions that differ widely from, or contradict each other.

Create a work whose visual strength is it's dichotomy of form to surface, through changing of an objects texture by the addition or gluing of repetitive elements in the making of a new and different texture.

And this is how I did it.

Step One: Collect texture. I wanted to use hair so i went to a hair salon and collected two large samples of hair. one old man (grays) and one young woman's(dark brown/black)

Step Two: Collect object. I decided on fruit because the only fruit i know that has hair is a peach. so i didn't get a peach i got the fruit that had bald skin. Orange, Pear, Apple.

Step Three: Apply Texture to Object. I used and adhesive spray. I sprayed the fruit and then rolled it in a bag full of collect human hair.

Step Four: Present to class.

Post Script:
Fruit doesn't like to stay fresh, even more so when it is covered in hair.
9/10 pts

The class seemed not to agree with the grading of many projects which made the next critique odd.

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