Thursday, September 13, 2007

Problem 2; Repetition / Modular Forms

I never like to do art projects last minute but sometimes the night before a class is the only time you have free.
I still put a lot of pre-planning into the piece I have several graphite drawings and many dry erase/ mirror drawings the answer to problem 2.

At least 5 forms that are modular or repetitious, independent or combined to create one new whole shape. place on a 9x9x2 base of black mat foam core in proportion with the base. Bristol board forms made with good craftsmanship. the form(s) needed to be freestanding and any structural supports hidden.

I used repetition of rectangles. they were all 3/4" thick and were all measured in inches.
7x3x.75 Vertical
4x2x.75 Vertical
3x4x.75 Horizontal
1.5x5x.75 Horizontal
3x5x.75 Diagonal (technically it was a triangle but implied it was in the base.)

In critiques, no one really said anything about it.

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