Thursday, September 13, 2007

Homage Photos

the first assignment in Photo this year was homage to other images (oil paintings, photographs, sculptures, styles...etc). This pointed out that I do NOT know anything about the history of photography... but does that really matter so early in the program or am I not one of the students because I don't have a favorite influential photographer.
I have a very contemporary look at photography and most of that comes from music. Record LP / CD art is what got me interested in photography anyway. I could name so many bands and artworks or artist that did artwork or that are currently touring with bands and taking pictures and making movies and what not. but that doesn't matter for this assignment.

So, I did my homage to an oil painting by Edvard Munch "Madonna" and a sculpture by Antonio Canova "Cupid & Psyche".

Kim was my Madonna. Austin and Ambrosia were my Cupid and Psyche. They did an amazing job in the studio with me. This was my first time working with nudes and I felt much better not being on the other side of the lens. (once I had posed nude for another photographer and I was more worried about how the composition of the image than that my genitalia were just hanging out with the girls in the studio.)

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J said...

I would say it's always better to not be overly influenced by any specific person. In my opinion a good artist is one that is influenced by many people but develops a style that is unique. One should be able to look at your work and know it's yours and only see influences under a microscope.