Monday, September 24, 2007

Problem 5; Serial Planes

Points determine a Line. Lines determine a Plane. Planes determine a Volume.

Create a freestanding volumetric, abstract form from one set of serial planes made of white foam board. Use repetition or gradation and attach to a black foam base.

We got to grade our class by placing the best pieces on one side and the not so good ones on the other. Because of the last grades, which were not explained why we got what we did ( a few didn't meet criteria, but they were good works of art.), the class got into a debate about what should be best and which were bad. I didn't touch many peices until the end. sorting out the bad from the better.

some one had placed mine in the front.
I felt glad because i had lost the tip of my finger to this assignment.

Post Script:
It is too dense.
10 / 10 PTS (finally)
gold star


The rain does two things to me.
1. Makes me wet but happy
2. Makes my ceiling leak and make my wall create weird forms from the water getting behind the paint.

I have something that looks like a vagina in the corner of my room. also i have a sack of water in my wall which looks like a scrotum.

My wall is confused sexually.

and i just need the roof to be fixed so i don't have to sleep in puddles of confused wall sexuallity

Problem 4; Texture-Form Dichotomy Noun
1. A separation into two divisions that differ widely from, or contradict each other.

Create a work whose visual strength is it's dichotomy of form to surface, through changing of an objects texture by the addition or gluing of repetitive elements in the making of a new and different texture.

And this is how I did it.

Step One: Collect texture. I wanted to use hair so i went to a hair salon and collected two large samples of hair. one old man (grays) and one young woman's(dark brown/black)

Step Two: Collect object. I decided on fruit because the only fruit i know that has hair is a peach. so i didn't get a peach i got the fruit that had bald skin. Orange, Pear, Apple.

Step Three: Apply Texture to Object. I used and adhesive spray. I sprayed the fruit and then rolled it in a bag full of collect human hair.

Step Four: Present to class.

Post Script:
Fruit doesn't like to stay fresh, even more so when it is covered in hair.
9/10 pts

The class seemed not to agree with the grading of many projects which made the next critique odd.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ich habe nicht Geschlechtsverkehrgemacht mit A.E, aber es ist ok. wir haben Geschlechtsverkehr von Kunst und Fotographie. Im Kopf

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Problem 3; Pop-Up Card

Exploiting a simple mechanical engine... going from 2D - 3D
In a card that folds into a 6x8.5" envelope with the ability to open to a strong 3D presence (although concept and color are important).

Envelope Front

Envelope Back

Card Front

Card Innards

Postscript In Crooked Lines:
I was told that it was too linear. but nothing was said about how well it worked.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Homage Photos

the first assignment in Photo this year was homage to other images (oil paintings, photographs, sculptures, styles...etc). This pointed out that I do NOT know anything about the history of photography... but does that really matter so early in the program or am I not one of the students because I don't have a favorite influential photographer.
I have a very contemporary look at photography and most of that comes from music. Record LP / CD art is what got me interested in photography anyway. I could name so many bands and artworks or artist that did artwork or that are currently touring with bands and taking pictures and making movies and what not. but that doesn't matter for this assignment.

So, I did my homage to an oil painting by Edvard Munch "Madonna" and a sculpture by Antonio Canova "Cupid & Psyche".

Kim was my Madonna. Austin and Ambrosia were my Cupid and Psyche. They did an amazing job in the studio with me. This was my first time working with nudes and I felt much better not being on the other side of the lens. (once I had posed nude for another photographer and I was more worried about how the composition of the image than that my genitalia were just hanging out with the girls in the studio.)

Problem 2; Repetition / Modular Forms

I never like to do art projects last minute but sometimes the night before a class is the only time you have free.
I still put a lot of pre-planning into the piece I have several graphite drawings and many dry erase/ mirror drawings the answer to problem 2.

At least 5 forms that are modular or repetitious, independent or combined to create one new whole shape. place on a 9x9x2 base of black mat foam core in proportion with the base. Bristol board forms made with good craftsmanship. the form(s) needed to be freestanding and any structural supports hidden.

I used repetition of rectangles. they were all 3/4" thick and were all measured in inches.
7x3x.75 Vertical
4x2x.75 Vertical
3x4x.75 Horizontal
1.5x5x.75 Horizontal
3x5x.75 Diagonal (technically it was a triangle but implied it was in the base.)

In critiques, no one really said anything about it.


The struggle is the best part of being an artist. Always creating.
I am proud to struggle. The struggle says, "I challenge you to a duel!" and I answer back "I demand satisfaction", then the track Genesis by JUSTICE starts playing and I bust out a X-Acto knife and a #11 blade or a 35mm camera with 50mm lens or a eraser and some charcoal pencils. The duel begins and the struggle is that creative process that I do on a pad or my mirror or in the darkroom as I create and recreate until the piece is finished.

That struggle is applied to everything I do. If I could just coast through life I don't think that I would appreciate anything.

Struggle Harder / Keep Positive

Believe / Revolt

Monday, September 10, 2007


University is uphill. Many people use UTA Trax because they don't want to climb the hill. but why wait for transportation when you have wheel and a complex machine that makes work easy.

they bike because they don't want to walk, it is time consuming. they use Trax because they are lazy. they don't walk because they are lazy.

I think the climb is the best part.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


This week I bought a Giant OCR1. I like the shifting components and how it rides. I only complain about the roads in Salt Lake City (especially on the North/West side) and how uneven they are and the glass/Goat's head or Bullhead (Zygophyllaceae, Caltrop family) and anything else that punctures my tires.
In 3 days i have changed my tires twice.
I feel great about biking around the city. I wish more people did it.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Problem 1; + / - space

I am taking 3D / 2D this year.
In 3D we are working on spacial conception. the first image is something we fooled around with in class that I liked and took home to scan. The second is the first problem of the semester. Even though they are both for 3D they are technically 2D for this bit.

These are presented on 9x9 flat black foam core with white Bristol board and rubber cement.

Img 1 : I took out the shape lines of the four organic shapes and played with it in photo shop to make it more b/w. The outline was the class problem. Minimalist shape. drop a few more shapes on it and reorganize it to a new shape. glue. present.

Img 2 : I had to create a positive / negative space that was provocative using triangle(s), square(s) or rectangle(s), circle(s). at least one of each / no max limit of any one shape. I sat for hours drawing and erasing on my mirror with a dry-erase marker. one week later I created it and it is just how I imagined it to be, and more. It looks good at any angle which i had not planned because I could not turn my closet mirror. After being scanned I recolored the black and the original canvas size. I will turn it in at 9 am and critiques shall follow. I can't wait to see what people have done.

In critiques only one student had a comment to make about my piece, he said, "It is very simple... but I don't know if thats a bad thing.."

I guess hearing anything is better than nothing...