Friday, August 10, 2007

Longest Saturday in my Life

I am cleaning and packing to go back to the States. It is going to be a long journey I am going to miss the wonderful people I got to live with for a month. I will miss the yard with the grill and the perfect view of the Fjord. I will miss drinking wine and sitting in the window and listening to jazz. I will miss the walks in the rain and the swimming in the Fjord from Schilksee or the Bellevue Pier.

I leave the Burse and got to the Alte Meierei.
@ the Alte Meierei we are going to party and grill vegan food and listen to music. The AM is a Vegan / Anarchismus / Venue / Living space on the south side of Kiel. It is like the Boing House in SLC but 4 times as large. They do a ton of cool things there.

The Longest Saturday in My Life Begins.
@ 01:30 I get on a Regional Express train to Hamburg. I arrive in Hamburg at 02:50 but I am going to be in the Hauptbahnhof waiting for my next train until 05:00.
@ 05:20 I get on a Inter-City Express (ICE, Eis, Baby)to Frankfurt. This train is bequem. I will arrive in Frankfurt at 09:16. the airport has its own train station so I arrive inside the airport.
I have a chance to get on a plane at 11:01a but i am scheduled (because it looks like a better chance to get on) at 12:50a
this is what my itinerary looks like:
703 US FRA - PHL 12:50P 3:50P
731 US PHL - LAS 6:10P 8:34P
459 US LAS - SLC 11:52P 2:21A
If I get on the 11:01 flight i might make it home before Saturday ends and Sunday begins. if not i still count 2 am as Saturday (it is still part of Saturday night so they count it here.) and my 24hr day will have been almost 40 hours.

I hope the iPod can hold out that whole time and that i can read a bit of the Charles Bukowski i bought in German. I will look just like i do in the pictures when i arrive in America because those are the cleanest clothes and best dress i have.

Here I come SLC, I have missed you.

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