Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back At The Freestyle Ranch

You would think I would have learned by now that school makes it hard to have a life... but I haven't.

and thus begins year three of study at the University of Utah. I am studying Photography and German. yeah they really don't go together but i am fine with that.

Zuzanna is a good photography professor at the moment. I have big hopes for the course material. Medium and Large format cameras, bleaching, toning, mural printing and much more.
Osman is leading our German class well. the course work is outrageous but I guess it is worth it.
Wilson is outrageous. I want to make shirts of wilsonisms. he almost had me rolling on the floor when he called roll... did I say that Wong? haha but what else are you going to do while drawing? concentrate... no way you are going to make puns and play on words.
Pendell is taking the 3D class in a different direction then i had expected. but i think it is a good direction. we are talking about positive and negative space.

my first photo assignment is to recreate another artist work... i know what i want to create but not what i want to recreate. but in my search i discovered Helmut Newton.

I miss my German Vegan friends and the European girls.

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Hey Colin! I indeed have graduated from the U and left. I don't know how long I'll be at tech. Hopefully the whole year. How is the good ol' U? By the by.