Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back At The Freestyle Ranch

You would think I would have learned by now that school makes it hard to have a life... but I haven't.

and thus begins year three of study at the University of Utah. I am studying Photography and German. yeah they really don't go together but i am fine with that.

Zuzanna is a good photography professor at the moment. I have big hopes for the course material. Medium and Large format cameras, bleaching, toning, mural printing and much more.
Osman is leading our German class well. the course work is outrageous but I guess it is worth it.
Wilson is outrageous. I want to make shirts of wilsonisms. he almost had me rolling on the floor when he called roll... did I say that Wong? haha but what else are you going to do while drawing? concentrate... no way you are going to make puns and play on words.
Pendell is taking the 3D class in a different direction then i had expected. but i think it is a good direction. we are talking about positive and negative space.

my first photo assignment is to recreate another artist work... i know what i want to create but not what i want to recreate. but in my search i discovered Helmut Newton.

I miss my German Vegan friends and the European girls.

Friday, August 17, 2007

And We All Miss You...

One Year Later
Michael John Wallace


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Friday, August 10, 2007

Longest Saturday in my Life

I am cleaning and packing to go back to the States. It is going to be a long journey I am going to miss the wonderful people I got to live with for a month. I will miss the yard with the grill and the perfect view of the Fjord. I will miss drinking wine and sitting in the window and listening to jazz. I will miss the walks in the rain and the swimming in the Fjord from Schilksee or the Bellevue Pier.

I leave the Burse and got to the Alte Meierei.
@ the Alte Meierei we are going to party and grill vegan food and listen to music. The AM is a Vegan / Anarchismus / Venue / Living space on the south side of Kiel. It is like the Boing House in SLC but 4 times as large. They do a ton of cool things there.

The Longest Saturday in My Life Begins.
@ 01:30 I get on a Regional Express train to Hamburg. I arrive in Hamburg at 02:50 but I am going to be in the Hauptbahnhof waiting for my next train until 05:00.
@ 05:20 I get on a Inter-City Express (ICE, Eis, Baby)to Frankfurt. This train is bequem. I will arrive in Frankfurt at 09:16. the airport has its own train station so I arrive inside the airport.
I have a chance to get on a plane at 11:01a but i am scheduled (because it looks like a better chance to get on) at 12:50a
this is what my itinerary looks like:
703 US FRA - PHL 12:50P 3:50P
731 US PHL - LAS 6:10P 8:34P
459 US LAS - SLC 11:52P 2:21A
If I get on the 11:01 flight i might make it home before Saturday ends and Sunday begins. if not i still count 2 am as Saturday (it is still part of Saturday night so they count it here.) and my 24hr day will have been almost 40 hours.

I hope the iPod can hold out that whole time and that i can read a bit of the Charles Bukowski i bought in German. I will look just like i do in the pictures when i arrive in America because those are the cleanest clothes and best dress i have.

Here I come SLC, I have missed you.