Monday, May 07, 2007

Written in Cursive

In the last little while I have read a lot of Bukowski.
Charles Bukowski
- Factotum
-Book & Movie
- Pulp
- Post Office
- Women
- Ham On Rye

I am going to get Hollywood and the movie Barfly
and then read the War All The Time: Poems 1981-84

I bought a cd from Ken Sander's Rare Books of a reading done at the U of U on October 5, 1974 curing the Underwater Poetry Festival.

It is weird to hear his voice when I imagine his voice when I read it doesnt sound like Charles or like the way Matt Dillon it sound.

Too bad he died in 1994

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AC Stokes said...

Sage's new cd has a song on it that says..."what would Bukowski do?....don't go there...he'd make you his mom and then completely lie about it in a book latter on"