Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm a Bum, That's What I Do Now.

Years ago while sitting on Austin Stokes' couch I gazed upon the movie SLC Punk!
I thought about how that was my city and how that could be me, I was a punk rocker once, we all go through that stage in this time of fashion regression. Salt Lake is my city... now anyway.

I thought I looked a lot like Heroin Bob. especially with a Mohawk. I thought as Austin as Stevo because he had blue hair. Mike was Hardcore Mike, but for different reasons than the movies. Steve seemed to be Stevo, we even called him stevo.

But i looked at the screen and hoped to god that their friend Shawn, who ended up as a panhandler, would never be someone I knew. If I walked down the street and ran into someone I had known once and saw that they were so down that they had to beg for money.

Last week It happened. I went to lunch with Richard from work. He knew the multi-millionaire and I knew the bum.

the next day I stopped to talk to him about what was going on. I had to face it. I had to face the real world

Fuck him for ruining my wishes. I gave him $5 and wished him good luck.

there is nothing else i can do.

you do this to yourself you do. that's why it rally hurts

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