Monday, April 09, 2007

Red on Porcelain

The time piece screams for me to wake. I roll out of the bed that is all to high for me. this is not my bed. I try to open my eyes to find the blinking light of the time piece. I hear it resonating, I feel my way to it.
I go to look at the bottom of the sink and spit. One thing I can always count on in the morning is that my mouth tastes like blood and is quite full of blood. The spit doesn't even have ten percent saliva. The ball of blood and saliva hits the porcelain bottom of the sink and shoots out in all directions. I ready my mouth to collect the rest of the liquid in my mouth using my tongue and a sucking all of the liquid to the back of my throat. I release it into the sink just off center, two inches from the first. It explodes and the arms of saliva and blood join and slide toward the drain.
I turn the water on, the hot knob has been switched with the cold knob, the water starts to combine with the left over saliva and blood, thinning out the deep red to a light orange. I cup both my hand under the spout and bring my face toward the basin. I move both my hands and my face toward each other coating my face with Luke-warm water. Repeat this thrice and look up at the mirror. Face dripping with h2o. I spit once more into the basin and turn the water off.
I am ready for the day.

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