Monday, April 09, 2007

Project V.X ii

April 4 2007
More photos for Fred Wright's photo studies II.
Every time I go into the studio I try to bring people that have free time and want to model. Austin Stokes and I have been friends since we were eleven. Almost ten years later Austin has a daughter with Kelly. Sabine Lois Stokes
S. Christoper Vincent has been a friend of mine since I began college in 2005. Through Chris and his band I met Trey. Trey and I are very similar.
The Polaroid and Cube are new based on old ideas.
Vices, everyone has them. These are not mine. My vice is women.

Austin + Kelly Stokes


Sabine Lois Stokes

Chris Vincent + Trey. The Movie.




"just one vice is all any man needs to keep him happy/ my advice?/ why not take two or three/ if you're feeling lucky" - Killjoy, The Czars

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