Monday, April 09, 2007


It has been said that if I had to be deaf or blind I would choose to be blind. Even as a photographer, where my eyes are needed to take pictures I would give it up for my hearing.
I am a people watcher, but I don't directly watch anyone. I use the sound of their voice to watch them. I am more interested about the things people are talking about more that the people who are talking. I have noticed that I have a great ear for listening to many different coffee shop conversations, with the resonation of the bean grinder and the pounding of stainless steel on counter tops, and picking out conversation I want to hear the most and erase all other noise and chatter.
I notice that I do this everywhere. I was sitting on the couch watching Planet Earth with Angela. in the shallow seas we were watching fish and coral and I was listening to the white noise the television was making and I looked at Angela and her mouth was moving but I couldn't hear what she was saying. I switch the focus of my hearing and she was at the last sentence, last word. I only got half of it. I nodded. I looked back at the television and brought her closer to me and kissed the side of her forehead.
In life I am a Cyclops. One eye with many interchangeable lenses. That is how I spend many hours of my day. one eye closed, the other open and playing with depth of field and aperture. I cannot change my ears so it is a better choice for me to be blind compared to deaf.

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