Monday, March 12, 2007

The Smells of My Childhood.

Coffee & Cigarettes.

The sound of a coffee pot is one I know too well. Since childhood I have hear the boiling of water inside Mr.Coffee causing the water to go up the tube into the coffee bean grounds. It then seeps through the grounds taking its brown goodness with it. Seeping through the off-white filter turning it a dirty, off-white brown. The juice of the grounds and water drip steadily into the slightly discolored glass of the Mr.Coffee pot, filling it just below the twelve mark. The boiling water sputters and spats, it is almost out of water, while trying to get the last drop up to the top to drip into the pot.
Silence........ the last drop has dripped through and the liquid levels out.

The "Hot Lemon Lover" and "#1 Dad" mugs out of the white cupboards and are set on yellow-tan tile counters. Lemon Lover gets 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar in the black coffee. #1 Dad gets the same with a bit of half&half. Lemon Lover takes the coffee to #1 Dad and hands him the coffee. He grabs the pack of Marlboro lights 100 off of the dark coffee table and head to the porch.

The sunny and slightly overcast Spring morning has a wonderful air to it. #1 Dad lights up a cigarette and you both stand there and drink your coffee and look upon the outside world. That same smell that you have known since you were a child waves from the tip of the 100 and floats directly toward your nostrals. Back in the day you didn't even notice the smell on your clothes or in your hair. Also, back in the day, #1 Dad got asthma from being in your house and his eye were irritated. Now he is the one lighting up and sucking down. (when you drive around it seems like he constantly has one in his hand and the tip is always near the cracked window.)

The day is good. Caffeine for you. Nicotine and Caffeine for him.

Through out the day you drink the pot of coffee down to half a cup of now light brown water. He has smoked a few cigarettes.

These are the times that remind me of my childhood. I know that I haven't lived a full life, but I am at the point where childhood is slightly fading from my memory. #1 Dad and I have been friends for fifteen years. Nothing has really changed between us, it has been more so around us, or of us.

Times like these take me back to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings I went to with my mother(I was a child and didn't have another place to be or people to see) so I joined her. They are good meetings. There is always two or three coffee pots brewing while the people of the meeting, stand, state their names and that they are Alcoholics. They tell life stories and mistakes and everyone is there for them. Every one seems to smoke because they are under some form of stress or I guess it is something to do while listening to the formerly Anonymous person speaking.

I can not tell you the countless stories I heard as a young boy that helped me shape who I am today. Those smells of Coffee & Cigarettes are a remind of who I am now and of a childhood past.

I am glad that I have had such events -then & now- and that there will be many more life lessons learned and remembered and smelt.

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