Friday, March 30, 2007

Project V.X i

I spent a few hours in the Dumke Studio in the basement of the Art+Arch. Center. I shot 121 pictures. This was a very good experiment for lighting and digital and the ability to withstand the heat building up in a room with no air circulation.
On the way to the studio Ambrosia, Moses & I all bought Dr. Pepper and so I decidedd we should shoot it.
I had brought a bunch of old books from the house I am sitting. I really want to read Crime and Punishment.
Ambrosia has a very nice body and a very pretty face. I could probably pap here all day
Sometimes I wish I had a twin. I but even more so I wish I could operate the camera with my mind.
"I don't look at myself in the mirror because I'm a narcissist,I simply like to watch myself exist..."- Sage Francis

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Ana Breton said...

What Taco Jesus picture?