Monday, March 26, 2007


This is a list of Professors and Aids, from the University of Utah, that I have had. Those I bold I liked. All others I did not care for. Italicized Classes are some of my favorite.

Fall 2005
ESSF 1745 Swing Dance
Instructor: WILDING, P.
HIST 1700 American Civilization
Instructor: REEVE, W. P.
HIST 1700 American Civilization
Instructor: HANSHEW, A. E.
LEAP 1100 Leap
Instructor: KOFORD, J. K.
PSY 1010 General Psychology
Instructor: DODD, D. H.
WRTG 2010 Intermediate Writing
Instructor: SALMONS, L. A.

Spring 2006
ART 1030 Non-major Painting
Instructor: KONOPASEK, Lenka
COMM 1270 Analysis Of Argument
Instructor: HASIAN, Marouf A. J.
COMM 1270 Analysis Of Argument
Instructor: ARNELL, Aubrey. K.
COMM 1500 Intro Mass Communication
Instructor: FISHER, James (Jimbo)
ESSF 1057 Yoga/Pilates Elementary
Instructor: ALONSO, J. L.
ESSF 1550 Mountain Biking
Instructor: CHILLSON, Mark E.
LEAP 1101 Definitions of Other
Instructor: KOFORD, J. K.
NUTR 1020 Sci Fndtn Nutr & Health
Instructor: JALILI, T.
WRTG 1060 Methods Tech Libr Rsrch

Fall 2006
COMM 1530 Basic Photography
Instructor: JONES, Kerry. W.
COMM 1610 Intro to News Writing
Instructor: MANGUN, Kimberly
GERM 1010 Beg German I
Instructor: SPIERS, Ryan. M.
PH TX 2700 Common Medicines
Instructor: FLECKENSTEIN, A. E.

Spring 2007
ART 3720 Photo Studies II
Instructor: WRIGHT, Fred
ARTH 2500 Intro Art History
Instructor: KARL, A.
GERM 1020 Beg German II
Instructor: WEBSTER, Elizabeth (Beth)
MATH 1090 Coll Alg Bus/Soc Sci
Instructor: NOVOM, David A.

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