Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I am trying to get everything in my head straight right now.
School, Money, my Heart, my Mind.

is going great. Forth semester at the U of U and I feel as if I am in
the best place I have since I began. I just need to finish this
semester and work my ass off for two months so that I have enough money
for air fare and spending in Germany this summer.

Money seems
tight but really isn't I am just $400 below where my savings should be
and I am still in dept to the hospital since last springs seizure like

My Heart is just aching to have the warmth of
something. I might just need a puppy to raise, but Pat is allergic to
animals/ I am way to busy for something that can't take care of its
self. Maybe I need style="font-style:italic;">one of those girls that I
have my hopes set on to be there and listen to my stories and to have
something stable.

My mind is on all three of these things
constantly. but at the same time my mind is thinking of the future. A
lot of good things have happened to me in the last month. last few
months. and my mind is just juggling everything.

I think
sometimes I am to strong of an individual for people to handle. Has all
that I have done for myself since I was young hindered me from creating
something that is not selfish that is for someone else and not to
further the person I am or are to be.

style="font-style:italic;">style="font-weight:bold;">Copeland says to
Hold Nothing Back. and in a way that is all I want to do. But the time
doesn't seem to be right yet. the peaches are not ripe for picking. The
Chemicals are there but you haven't put anything in it for it to develop.

am ready to develop more than pictures. I am ready to sail more ships
than that named Friends. I just don't know the timing or the distance
in Naughts.

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