Saturday, February 10, 2007

Believe, Revolt

Well, it has been a long process but I almost have the blog the way I like it.
I have picked up HTML from different websites without having a formal education about the Internet.

So, A few thoughts on tragedy passed through my little head today. Mike Wallace has been dead for half a year, Mike Y. has been dead for 4. My Aunt Kathy is in the hospital with stomach problems. Spot died in Oct. And I feel the man I was during college freshman year is dead-this is the only good one- I hope Kathy is fine, I have been super busy so I haven't had time to see her in the hospital.

Photography is going well, even more so because I have a lot going for me now. Buck Dexter and I are working together on some pictures for press or anything worth using cool pictures for.

Jonna McNeil and Chad V Bailey are getting married on Saturday, Feb 10, 2007. Ashley Hutchins and I are shooting the reception and luncheon.

I still haven't heard back from Ryan Capps about the photo shoot she wanted to do.

I found a friend from high school on a modeling website. She is a very beautiful young woman. and I am very glad to see that she is doing so well for herself. We went out for coffee and a stroll and then to dinner at Sage's Cafe.

I would really like to go get a tattoo this 2007 tattoo convention. I have so many drawings I don't know what i will get first as well as I would need some money. ha ha.

there is a quick entry on what is all on my mind.
other than the normal thought about Keely or Katie or any other girl that shows interest in me... I am happy that I am a nomad. I have finally been reset. I just wish those beautiful women would notice that I like them and make the move.


emma said...

photo chemicals silly!

emma said...

get an lj account bebe becasue thats what i post on every day..and it is now friends only..long story