Thursday, February 15, 2007

(PotentiaLove Energy = Muse x Gravity x Heart) or Falling in Love

This is just a thought I had mixed with science and things I have said my whole life.

Potential Energy
P.E. = mgh m=mass g=gravity h=height

My muse has been any and every girl that I have liked. I study them, with my hand, my eyes, my brain, and my heart. I have always been straight forward about how I feel toward the opposite sex.
My problem is that Gravity has always been against me, holding me down. I fall and fight against it, I rise up just to be pushed back down again. Gravity, you son of a bitch.
The more I rise above the more potential I have.
I have seen a lot of Potential for relationships. But they just never seem to translate into something Kinetic. they never move.

Kinetic Energy
K.E. = (1/2)mv^2 m=mass v=velocity

The only thing I can do is keep going forward. If I am not moving then I have more of a potential, in many cases - heart break, this is why I live at high velocity. Always moving. I mountain bike to get away from the world. I control every variant in every situation (other than the constant of g)

v = dt d=displacement t=time

I have taken this into how I work my life. If I can change my position in a short amount of time then I have a high velocity, but if it takes more time than the change in position than I would, in a sense, be a failure. Take the situation of being raised in a lower-middle social-economic class (d1)if I can change my position within 24 years of my birth (0 years) to a higher social-economic class (d2) then, in a sense, I will feel accomplished.

At the moment I feel that I have done that to a point. I am not one of the "others" as one class I took labeled those who were raised and stayed in the same social-economic class. I am a successful person, I am putting myself through college.

y = mx+b

What does this all have to falling in love? Well it could be that I cannot find the time variable in the Potential equation. Do you understand what I am saying?
There is no time variable. just look at the equation at the top. what this says to me is that it is going to take time outside of the potential equation for that potential to turn into kinetic.
And even at a high velocity, someone will be there neck and neck with me, and they will be that person, because it will always make life interesting.

t=l t = time l =lifetime
I have all the time in the world. I am only 20. In a decade, a year, a month, a week, a day, an hour, a minute, a second, things can completely flip change and rearrange. for the good or bad.

I had to get things in my head in-line. I think this did it for me.
Just like writing it down

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Believe, Revolt

Well, it has been a long process but I almost have the blog the way I like it.
I have picked up HTML from different websites without having a formal education about the Internet.

So, A few thoughts on tragedy passed through my little head today. Mike Wallace has been dead for half a year, Mike Y. has been dead for 4. My Aunt Kathy is in the hospital with stomach problems. Spot died in Oct. And I feel the man I was during college freshman year is dead-this is the only good one- I hope Kathy is fine, I have been super busy so I haven't had time to see her in the hospital.

Photography is going well, even more so because I have a lot going for me now. Buck Dexter and I are working together on some pictures for press or anything worth using cool pictures for.

Jonna McNeil and Chad V Bailey are getting married on Saturday, Feb 10, 2007. Ashley Hutchins and I are shooting the reception and luncheon.

I still haven't heard back from Ryan Capps about the photo shoot she wanted to do.

I found a friend from high school on a modeling website. She is a very beautiful young woman. and I am very glad to see that she is doing so well for herself. We went out for coffee and a stroll and then to dinner at Sage's Cafe.

I would really like to go get a tattoo this 2007 tattoo convention. I have so many drawings I don't know what i will get first as well as I would need some money. ha ha.

there is a quick entry on what is all on my mind.
other than the normal thought about Keely or Katie or any other girl that shows interest in me... I am happy that I am a nomad. I have finally been reset. I just wish those beautiful women would notice that I like them and make the move.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I am trying to get everything in my head straight right now.
School, Money, my Heart, my Mind.

is going great. Forth semester at the U of U and I feel as if I am in
the best place I have since I began. I just need to finish this
semester and work my ass off for two months so that I have enough money
for air fare and spending in Germany this summer.

Money seems
tight but really isn't I am just $400 below where my savings should be
and I am still in dept to the hospital since last springs seizure like

My Heart is just aching to have the warmth of
something. I might just need a puppy to raise, but Pat is allergic to
animals/ I am way to busy for something that can't take care of its
self. Maybe I need style="font-style:italic;">one of those girls that I
have my hopes set on to be there and listen to my stories and to have
something stable.

My mind is on all three of these things
constantly. but at the same time my mind is thinking of the future. A
lot of good things have happened to me in the last month. last few
months. and my mind is just juggling everything.

I think
sometimes I am to strong of an individual for people to handle. Has all
that I have done for myself since I was young hindered me from creating
something that is not selfish that is for someone else and not to
further the person I am or are to be.

style="font-style:italic;">style="font-weight:bold;">Copeland says to
Hold Nothing Back. and in a way that is all I want to do. But the time
doesn't seem to be right yet. the peaches are not ripe for picking. The
Chemicals are there but you haven't put anything in it for it to develop.

am ready to develop more than pictures. I am ready to sail more ships
than that named Friends. I just don't know the timing or the distance
in Naughts.