Friday, January 19, 2007

North by East

I like that girl from Washington state. I have liked her since I first saw here in that fat racist douche bag
of a professor's class. For my first Fall semester at school she was
the only reason I woke up and walked the 50 feet from my bedroom to the
little white, rat infested shack.
In the Spring we had another class together. I usually walked with her to class unless I had skipped douche bags class to go long boarding. It was hard not to walk with her and those spectacular legs. Sie ist sehr sportlich.
Fall we found the time to sit and have coffee about once a week and
talk about what we had been up to and what we were planning on doing in
the upcoming weeks or something to do with school. Family. Roommates.
Fashion. News. Relationships. Parties.
And this Spring, if you can call it that yet because it is still winter, We live less than a mile apart.

is ... great. and I am glad that we met. I think she shall be my friend
for a very long time. I would like her to model for me.

So I had a good time drinking coffee with the girl of the coffee capital of the west coast.

Some times I wish I could have lived during the Hellenistic Period.

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